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    Random assortment of credits

    A friend of mine has 90 lower-division college credit hours and 17 upper-division hours. A fair amount of the lower-division hours (maybe 30 hrs) are/will be through FEMA once he gets them transcripted somewhere. Very few of the hours are gen eds.

    What would his best course of action to be to get a bachelors degree in any subject? He wants to take courses through an actual online college and not through CLEP, DSST, ALEKS, etc., so he can use his Pell grant to pay for everything.

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    Your only option is COSC as they're the only ones taking FEMA. You will need to go through FCC.
    If you don't mind paying and pony up some cash, another option would be Excelsior College.
    My suggestion is to take the COSC /EC route and get themselves a BALS (BA Liberal Studies).
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    To clarify and correct some misinformation, Charter Oak State College is the only 4-year college we know if that will accept FEMA credits directly, and they don't charge. You will NOT need to go through another college. Excelsior will accept the FEMA credits, but you will need to pay a community college (most people use Frederick Community College) to put them on a transcript.
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