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    New here - is this forum maintained on a continuous basis?


    I'm new here and trying to figure out, whether this message board is being maintained. One one hand, the postings seem to be up to date. On the other hand, I received an error message to an e-mail to forum@degreeinfo.com, contact attempts through the contact form also remain reactionless.
    Somebody an idea what's going on here?


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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonV. View Post
    Somebody an idea what's going on here?
    Well Jason, some people know what's going on and others are just a little delusional. The secret is knowing the difference. If there's something you need you can simply ask a question on the open forum or, if you're feeling a little reckless, you can ask one of the Moderators. We're not hard to find.

    Be sure to read the TOS and this thread

    New Users Ask: Where did my posts go?
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    Could you be the "JasonV" (13-letter surname) who used to post on the old "AED" (alt.education .distance) news group . . . and who introduced me at the 2000 AACRAO convention in Seattle?
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