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    Are there any self-paced/competency-based degrees in religion?

    Are there any self-paced/competency based degree programs in religion or religious topics? I've been searching for some time and it seems that most religiously-oriented institutions, and especially seminaries, are still stuck on a rigid course/semester based thinking pattern.


    1) NA acceptable, RA preferred. No unaccredited schools.
    2) Can be at any degree level (e.g. bachelor's, master's, etc.).
    3) No specific denominational affiliation is necessary.
    4) Degree must be in an area related to religion, whether or not specific to a religious denomination. Acceptable fields might be Religious Studies, Divinity, Theology, Church History , Bible, Biblical Studies , Hermeneutics, Biblical Hebrew (not Modern Hebrew), Judaic Studies, Islamic Studies, Quranic Arabic, Teachings of Buddha, Canon Law, Church Management, or Church Music.
    5) Must be self-paced.

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    Maybe City Vision University? I know they have terms, but I've met their president and he's pretty pro-innovation and knowledgeable about competency-based education . It might be worth asking them.

    Radically affordable online Christian Ministry and Leadership Degree: City Vision University.
    BS, Info Sys concentration, Charter Oak State College
    MA in Educational Tech, George Washington University
    PhD in Leadership, U. of the Cumberlands (in progress)
    More at http://stevefoerster.com

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    <a href='http://www.nationsu.edu/'>Nations University's theology programs</a> (Certificate, Bachelor, MTS, MDiv) are competency based and nationally (DEAC) accredited.

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    Moody offers independent study courses, but not a fully independent study degree program. You'd have to speak with them to see to what extent that's possible:



    Master of Theological Studies | NationsUniversity > Our Programs



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    Global University is self paced.
    M.B.A. University of Scranton (Anticipated 2019)
    M.S.M. (Project Management) University of Management and Technology
    B.S.O.L. Thomas Edison State University
    B.S.B.A. Colorado Technical University
    A.A. University of Scranton
    Certificate in Human Resources Management - Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations
    Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)
    Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

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