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    Questions for UNISA BSc students

    I have been looking through the multitude of posts related to UNISA, and the majority of them are related to their Masters or PhD programs. I have become very interested in their BSc with majors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Based solely on courses offerings (saying nothing about the teaching method), it is well above US-based distance mathematics programs. Given how cheap the tuition is and with the amount of higher-level courses available, I figure that I don't have anything to lose by giving it a shot. I sent an email to the IACI representative as advised in other threads, but have yet to hear back. I just have a couple of things that I am still wondering about after reading through the other threads on the subject. I apologize if these have been addressed before:

    1) I know that for the MSc and PhD programs require a supervisor for the dissertation, which has been an obstacle for others that are interested in these programs. Is this a requirement for the Honours Research Report at the BSc(H) level? I am worried about completing the BSc (a three year degree which wouldn't gain me entry into any MS programs in the US), and then being stuck without an advisor to start the Honours program.

    2) I understand that exams require travel to a testing site, sometimes on different days and hours away. While this is an inconvenience, it is unfortunately a necessity. Do they allow for selection of a local proctor if the distance of the testing center produces a hardship? Does anyone have experience with this?

    3) I noticed the mention of "discussion classes," but very little information on them. Are these a requirement, and do they require travel to a site? Perhaps they are online?

    Any help or experiences with UNISA at the undergrad level is appreciated. I apologize again if these questions have been presented before.
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    I noticed too that a UNISA math degree has a lot more math than the usual US math major. It seems like a great way to prep for graduate school for little money. Madurai Kamaraj has a USA office and similar math program for very cheap. I'm not sure which one is cheaper (both are very cheap), but I got the feeling that the latter has less red tape. The application form they sent me was pretty simple. I inquired about how they operate and basically you study all year and take your exams for credit at a designated regional college testing center in the USA. Most people don't have to travel too far.

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