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Thread: Chosing an MBA

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    Chosing an MBA

    I am currently enrolled in the online MBA program at Northeastern and I am just looking for some opinions. I am active duty military and was attracted to Northeastern because of the fact of not having to take the GMAT and the name. I have taken a couple classes and like it so far but here is my dilemma:

    If I continue to take the MBA program I will use up my whole GI and maybe more if I decide to do the MBA /MSF dual option. This would end up costing me around 80k and around 65k just for the MBA . I was considering going back to Southern New Hampshire University .. where I got my bachelors but I know it isn't AASCB accredited. A program through SNHU would only cost me around 25k.

    So I guess my question is should I stick out with Northeastern or just go back to SNHU? How much of a difference will it make in the corporate world for me when I do retire from the military? Thank you for any suggestions!!

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    Another option would be to look at geteducated.com's list of lowest priced AACSB accredited MBAs and see if there are any schools that interest you.

    Best Online MBA Rankings AACSB - Top Affordable Best Distance MBA | Best Online Colleges | Best Online Universities | GetEducated.com

    Since you have a couple of classes passed in an AACSB accredited program already you'd have a decent shot of having some if not all of those credits transferred into the new program.

    This is where I found UND's program, which runs me < $1200 a class. Some will require the GMAT but the scores are usually obtainable, as in < 550.
    i m edumacated thanx too distunce lerning.

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    Also, how about just taking the GMAT? At least find out how well you do on it before writing of schools that require is (which make up the majority of schools that offer an MBA ). Who knows? You may do fine on the test. Even if you do horribly, so what? Worst case scenario is that you will be in the exact same situation(less a few hundred dollars) as you are in now.
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