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    Can you convert 180 ECTS credits (European) into a Bachelors of General Studies?

    So, I'm in Ireland and did what's called a Certificate of Higher Education in Criminology (Cert.HE) by distance through a British university, the Cert.HE is worth 60 ECTS credits, I have 70 ECTS credits. Now what I'm trying to figure out is whether there's something called a Bachelor of General Studies (or something) which folks can get if they gain 180 ECTS credits in various courses from various European universities? I'm thinking of doing various courses by distance/online through universities in Finland and Sweden (Sweden if I get accepted, the Finnish courses are open access) Those courses in varying order will bring me upto 110 ECTS credits (180 when I include the 70 I already have) but what the hell can I do with that 180 ECTS credits does anyone know? In Europe an undergraduate degree is generally 180 ECTS credits. They'd all be in the general Liberal Arts/Humanities area.

    From the open access Finnish universities I can get upto 75 ECTS credits from one (Sociology , Psychology , Intercultural Studies) and upto 68 ECTS credits from another (Global Ethics, Orthodox Theology) Not really looking forward to having to do Orthodox Theology tbh. There are also one or two other Finnish universities from which I can garner a few ECTS credits. I only need 110 ECTS credits to reach 180 ECTS credits which is Bachelors level here in Europe. As for Sweden, I'd have to go through the application process and hope I get accepted, there are a few universities I'm looking at there. All courses are in the general Liberal Arts/Humanities area such as Caucasus Studies, International relations, Globalisation.

    So, is there some way to convert 110 ECTS credits from various Humanities/Liberal Arts courses from various universities along with the 70 ECTS credits I already have in Criminology into a Bachelors degree? Thanks.

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    There are 3 colleges in the USA that will acceptt non-USA academic learning towards a degree.

    Since you already have one degree these 3 colleges also offer a second bachelor degree for thirty additional semester units provided you also meet all the requirements for that degree and that the degree topic is in a diffent area than your first degree..

    Your non-USA units would have to be evaluated and converted to USA semester units by an approved evaluation agency.

    I suggest you read the Excelsior catalog http://www.excelsior.edu/c/document_...&groupId=78666.

    The other two colleges, COSC and TESC, have similar degree programs.
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    I believe the Open University UK has self-designed Bachelor degrees, but I am not sure about the regulations of transferring external EcTS in.

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