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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac Craniac View Post
    Now don't tell me that you actually believe that the internet can be wrong?
    Oh, I've seen many occasions where somebody was wrong on the Internet!
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    Business is always a good degree to have. I tend to think that you should pick a technical business degree such as CIS , MIS, HRM, Accounting , Finance, etc because those can prepare you for an actual job.
    My wife has a business undergrad in finance and she is doing well. I was there with her during her college years and helped her find an internship at a local company. Now, 7 years later, she is a manager at that company. All it took was an undergrad in finance and an internship.

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    I know a few people with Communications Bachelors degrees. They all work in the radio business. They don't make much money but they seem to enjoy their jobs.
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    I work in local television. Many of my co-workers have communications degrees. If you want to sell TV advertising , or work in the promotions department of a TV station, it's a useful degree. But as Kizmet said about his friends in radio, you won't make a lot of money. (Unless you're really good at sales; then you can make a good living, but you can do that without a degree, too. Or with a degree in anything else; if you go the sales route and hope to get promoted into management, a business degree would be better.)

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    My first BA is in communications . Most of my classmates have ended up working in large corporations and nonprofit organizations, doing PR type stuff or internal communications for the company (think writing company newsletter or maintaining the content on the website). Some of my classmates have ended up doing programming or sales in tv or radio (not a lot of money there though and lots of competition). I also knew someone with a BA CMN + MBA as head of marketing . Me? I ended up going to law school! (and actually that degree opened up a lot of doors back in the day). Despite what everyone on this board says, I still think a law degree is a good idea, especially if you open your mind to the fact that you will not be making $1,000,000s of dollars as a lawyer.
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