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    Quickest way to get a Bachelor's online?

    Been doing some reasearch into this for the past few days and my Google searches have brought me back to this site continuosly so I figured i'd join ; )

    I need a Bachelor's in any major, nationally accredited is fine just has to be legitimate, that I can obtain online in the quickest time possible.

    I have about 130 credits, regional & national. I need to find a school that will accept them all if possible with little to no residency requirement.

    Thanks in advance for any info. provided.

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    For that many credits...go with the big Three (Thomas Edison State College, Charter Oak State College, and Excelsior College). With those credits you can receive your Bachelor degree instantly. Go and read BA in 4 weeks (with zero credits) by Lawrie Miller
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    American Public University System is also good because they take the national credit and regional credit. Although I am not to sure exactly how much credit they allow in via transfer. As per the previous comments above the Big three are the most credit generous schools but if most of your credit is nationally accredited it would not be beneficial to you as they only accept regional credit. However, if your national credits are ace approved then you should not have a problem using them with the big three .
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    TEKMAN is correct. If flat-out speed is the primary goal, testing out of a maximum amount of credits is going to get you to your goal the fastest. Lots of care, planning, attention to detail is necessary plus you have to push yourself fairly hard. Minimizing prep-time for tests seems to be a critical piece of the puzzle as is scrouging for credits (like FEMA credits, etc.) If you haven't done it already then you should visit our CLEP, DANTES...forum

    CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit

    I would also echo his recommendation that you study Lawrie Millers site BAin4Weeks.
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    Excelsior will accept credits from DETC schools (not sure about other forms of national accreditation).

    I agree with the other posters - you should have enough credits already to obtain your BA or BS from Excelsior. To start, you can have a look at their liberal arts catalog and review the credit distribution requirements for their BA and BS degrees in Liberal Studies (they also have majors which may or may not match your credits).
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    Thanks for the great advice!

    Out of all my credits (130)...

    about 45 are national, in allied health
    about 30 from the Air Force (CCAF) intel analyst training,
    and the rest are comm coll gen credits from various cc's.

    What kind of degree could incorporate allied health and intel??

    I just need any BA/BS as long as it's legit (reg or nat) because it will allow me to take an exam I need to advance in my career. They don't even care what it's in or where it's from, they just need something to show i've got some education .

    I don't even plan on using this BA or BS for anything other than taking that exam. I'm even looking for something I can just buy and have in days or a few weeks, but legit using my real credits.

    I have gi bill benefits that i'm using towards traditional college education , i'm definitely not looking for an easy out I just need to qualify to take this exam! I do also qualify for financial aid.

    Any additional advice please??

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    What??? Holy Smokes! I have over 120 credits. They are all from schools with regional accreditation. These are mostly computer science courses. Are the big three accredited?

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