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    Northeastern University Doctor of Law & Policy (LP.D)

    Does anyone know anything about NEU's LP.D program?

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    It helps to supply a web link... this is what I found...


    "Another unique aspect of the program is that students design their own interdisciplinary curriculum. After taking core courses in theory, research methodology and economics , students develop their own plan of study in their chosen policy field. Students take courses in the School of Law and other colleges at Northeastern. The law courses in the curriculum provide students with the foundation to conduct legal research, understand the legal aspects of their policy focus area and to understand how the courts make policy."

    This program really looks interesting to me... however a quick glance through their online literature did not reveal a distance learning mode of delivery.
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    Hi -

    Seeing as how the other thread got deleted, the correct link to the program is offered below:


    The link suggested in the above post is for the Ph.D program in the policy center.


    1. It is not a distance program.

    2. It is a two-year doctorate with special schedule to allow those who are working in the field to continue to do so.

    3. You must have an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree before getting admitted. (another doctorate or masters.)

    4. The program is slanted admissions wise towards people that already have a JD. This is important as the program is competitive, it's preparing you for legal research and government work (law professorship or policy development through the legal system.)

    5. Everyone I know that's been admitted to the program without a JD has been someone holding or who has held public office or has published something (significant or not) in another field. There are no doubt people in the program with neither of these, but I don't know them. (Had to take a quick look at the alum site to figure out if I knew anyone. I've been looking at this program too.)

    The above statements are limited by my perspective. Therefore your mileage may vary.
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    3rd cohort

    I happen to be a student in the third cohort 2009-2011. The cohort(class) 35 members has a wide and far-reaching group of individuals who make up the body. We have probably 4 JD's, 2 or 3 PHd's some have JD/MBA combos and JD/Phd Combos...an MD, a Pharm D., and a physicist. Several have multiple master's and all have at least one, we even have a Fulbright Scholar. We have a wide range of ethnic and geo backgrounds: Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Caribbean and Africa. Their professions range from policy analysts to educators, to lawyers and doctors to businessmen and even a member of Homeland Security . I can tell you that they are all very intelligent, savvy and well versed in their own right...and our backgrounds and experiences lend itself to a very unique and exciting program...the program is competitive and an excellent essay coupled with a strong work background is a prerequisite... It is a cutting edge program for a doctorate in two years--the pace is hectic and yet we seem to get through it. There is an overwhelming amount of legal , economic and statistical reading to comb through for each and every class meeting..which is once a month Fri- Sun in Boston...all n' all a fantastic program......

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