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    UNIVERSITY OF DUBLIN, CA in google ad.


    A pay-n-get-diploma business in goolge ad. Interesting to see that this kind of business is still around.
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    The bluest city in the bluest state
    Their motto is one of the great ones:

    Fax is in Seattle. Phone is in Delaware. Site registered to Stephen Smith, claiming to be in Dublin, California (an SF suburb), but no listed phone there (unless it's the same as Dublin Beauty College).

    On the picture of the diploma on the website, while it says "University of Dublin" in larger letters, it looks to these aging eyes as if it says something different in the smaller text, the "University of ???" What do you think:

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    Hmm. My reading, not entirely certain of course given the compression of the image:

    University of Dublin, California

    The Trustees of Redding University
    Upon recommendation of the faculty
    Have conferred upon...

    There is a great discontinuity between the background colour for a block of the diploma around "University of Dublin, California" that makes it plain that block was pasted in. Very probably in image editing software rather than on the actual diploma.

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