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    Post College that offers a BSME or BSEE Distance Learning Program

    I am actively looking for an accredited University in the United State that offers a BSME or BSEE via the internet (4 year Technology Degree is OK). DO YOU KNOW OF ANY?

    I would prefer that the college offers work experience as acceptable credit (16 year in the Mechanical Engineering field 5 of which as Engineering Manager).

    I spoke to a non-accredited University that offers a BSME. The program is very inviting. With my experience and 40 transferable credits, they will allow me to earn my degree with only 10 courses. Should I be concerned?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What are you trying to achieve with the degree? Pay raise? Grad. school? Respect?

    An unaccredited degree might not accomplish any of those and you might find yourself defending your decision whereas now, you don't, in the sense that you're already an engineering manager. It is somewhat dangerous to try to hide the fact that your degree is unaccredited...better to ask up front from the present employer if such a degree would be accepted. Your next (potential) employer may not have the same opinion.

    One option is Excelsior. I can't say much for the name, but the school is regionally accredited. They have a BST (bachelor of science in technology) with various specialties; the degree is ABET-accredited. Their list of specialties includes an electronics and a mechanical specialty, but only the electronics one is described, so you'll need to contact them for clarification.

    They do offer a lot of credit by examination, so your experience can come into play. They may have other options as well. Here it is: http://www.excelsior.edu/tec_bcdg.htm

    There really aren't a lot of BS engineering opportunities in DL, unfortunately. There are a lot of CIS and CS options, though.

    Good luck.

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    Originally posted by BSTEVE:
    ...looking for an accredited University in the United State that offers a BSME or BSEE via the internet...
    See answer to similar question at http://courses.telecampus.edu/wwwboa...ages/1306.html


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    I don't think there are any regionally-accredited ones in the US (except, possibly, Edison). The University of Minnesota used to have a BSEE, but they canceled it for "lack of interest" (which I would call, instead, lack of marketing ).

    I see by the subject index in Bears' Guide (14th ed) that there is a non-resident BSME and EE at the DETC-accredited California National University, and also at the large and well regarded Monash in Australia.
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    You will not find any US, regionally & ABET accredited BSEE/BSME BSEET/BSMET delivered entirely via the Internet. You will have to go to a campus somewhere, sometime & fulfill lab requirements. I don’t know if it’s the same at everywhere, but my engineering school gives no academic credit for life experience . There is a real lack of DL undergraduate engineering education in the USA. I find this very depressing. I strongly believe a good engineering education is possible via DL (other countries have DL programs with short residency requirements) but it is not available from RA & ABET accredited schools in the USA.

    I have to modify the above by saying that the big 3 of distance education offer some sort of engineering degrees: Charter Oak (http://www.cosc .edu/) has a BA in “Engineering Studies”; Thomas Edison (http://www.tesc.edu/) has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology with both Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology available; Excelsior College (http://www.excelsior.edu/) seems to have some engineering technology degrees available. Maybe one of those degrees will work for you.

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