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    UNISA Registration

    Helle guys,

    I want to register at unisa university. I contacted them and they told me first i have to apply for student number then i have to send my registration forms, certified copies of my high school certificate plus a prescribed fee. I thought i have to send only the fee for matriculation exemption application, but later I found out that i have to pay a presribed fees for the module I wish to register. if i don't know wether i am accepted or refused, how can i send the prescribed fees which is due to the registration. Is this a normal way? if I am refused are the fees refundable. Sorry, for this questions i am a newb in DL.
    I would like to know if there are other members who experienced their first registration for an undergraduate degree at Unisa.

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    Hi Abdi - You may find that many of these questions are resolved if you go through IACI-Canada for your registration and enrollment. You can find them here:
    Good luck,

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    I enrolled for a Unisa BA with little difficulty. The thread is here:


    In my experience, as a Unisa B.A. student, the many posts that suggest that enrollment at Unisa is next to impossible are simply not correct. Some processes are indeed slow. It did take about a year for me to receive my SAUVCA Certificate of Matriculation Exemption but that did not prevent me from registering in modules and writing exams.
    Charles Fout

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    UNISA Doctorate w/o Masters?

    Is it possible to get a UNISA Doctoral program with a Master's Degree. I have more than 20 years business evperience. Thank you for your information.
    Best Regards,


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