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    Talking Have you ever failed a grad course?

    I always ask about the positive experiences in ones college career, but I never ask about the unpleasant ones, such as failing a class....

    Have you failed a class in your grad program?

    Why do you think you failed? Bad professors, coursework too hard, students in your teams, inflexible professors, not enough time to do coursework?

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    I've failed 2 undergraduate courses, but not in my graduate program, although I've seen it.

    I failed an undergraduate course when I dropped the course because I was being deployed (I was in the marines) and the professor forgot. I found out when the command got a letter that I had failed a course that I used tuition assistance for. I had to go through HELL to get the grade changed to a "W".

    Also, I enrolled in my first online course in 2001, and then some terrorists decided to attack us one day in September, and I became a little busy after that. I forgot about the course, and remembered I was enrolled in it with about 1 week left. It reminded me of that urban legend where the college student remembers on the day of finals that there was a course that he signed up for, but never attended class for, and then had to take the exam. That "F" was my fault, so I just re-enrolled for the class and got an "A".

    Now, in grad school at OU, I went to night school, and there was many students who were high ranking service members and their spouses who had the aura about them that they expected an "A". Many ended up failing because the professors were serious as a heart attack, and were tough as nails.

    One course in particular, "Program Evaluation" was notorious for being really hard, and the professor was also known for being his views on treating night school students just as hard as his day-time students. Several students had taken the class more than once because they got a "D" (or "F") and since the course was required for graduation, you needed at least a "C". I studied with my friend who was taking the class a second time, and we got no sleep getting ready for the exam. We ended up getting A's, but about 10 people failed, and others got D's.

    I found courses like that while hard, are very rewarding, as long as you take them seriously.
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    Originally posted by BinkWile
    ... and the professor was also known for being his views on treating night school students just as hard as his day-time students.
    One would hope this is the case with all programs, especially if the diploma doesn't differentiate between P/T or F/T study. While the design of the course may differ for distance learning or night classes, the outcome should be the same, otherwise you're diluting the utility of the degree...

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    I've gotten a C in a class before, which for grad school is almost like failing (you need at least a B for it to count.) It was for a class that had nothing to do with my major that I was taking over the summer "just for fun" so I didn't really take it seriously. That's when I learned, you rarely take grad school classes "just for fun."

    Most professors I've found at the graduate level will tell you to drop the class if you are failing.
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    I received a C in a graduate class once. It was almost like the kiss of death. I did talk my way to a B- though. Boy did I learn a valuable lesson on that one.

    "Nature punishes any neglect of prudence"

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    I've never failed anything in my life except the actual driving part of my driver's test and I failed that three times. That was a long time ago and I think I'm a relatively good driver, so I can talk about it and laugh a little. At the time, that was the most humiliating thing in the world. I have a sister who is one year younger than me. She failed hers once and still got her license before me.
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    I never failed a grad course back in chemistry school, but in my EBS MBA program, I liked some of the classes so much, I took the exam twice! Of course, this may have something to do with not getting a high enough score the first time out... I would say that the reason was inadequate preparation due to other work and family committments.

    Michael Lloyd
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    When I first started out in undergrad, I failed several classes. Later, I learned to be a bit more focused, discovered my style of learning and studying, and then when back to school.

    In grad school and my doctoral courses, the lowest grade was a B. In one of my MBA classes, I hade a professor for the second time. I was struggling, and he did speak with me. At that time we were moving, and living in a hotel room. I would write papers with books and keyboard balanced on my lap. Then, when we go tmoved in, I was busy setting things up. So, I was a bit distracted. However, I was able to finish the class with an A.
    Russ Blahetka, DBA, CFP®, CMFC


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    I never failed a classes - just a few DANTES exams. I did get three C's in the CCU MBA program (I hate accounting and law). I would guess that people may fail classes in undergrad because of parties and lack of focus but when they are in grad school, they are more mature and focused.

    I can understand getting a bachelors degree because you have to but most people that get a graduate degree do so because they want to.

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    I almost did but I didn't. It was very close (received a C). I had a bad professor.
    Ike Okonkwo, PhD

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    Nope, never.

    Currently running straight "A" average at FLET. Third course almost completed.

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    I've not failed 1 course....but 2!

    About a year ago, I was traveling to Brazil a lot for work and was taking 2 courses via a traditional MBA program. I ended up getting sent to Brazil for a few months and wasn't able to drop my 2 courses prior to the original date and received 2 big fat F's.

    Once I got back to the states, I retook both courses and am currently completing the MBA at the same school via their online mode.

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    Originally posted by Ike
    I almost did but I didn't. It was very close (received a C). I had a bad professor.
    Don't know if this is humor or not. But, there is some truth to that statement. I had several bad experiences, all in undergrad school at Delta State, Cleveland, MS.

    My Russian History professor was a bad professor. One of my best friends and I never earned below an "A" or "B" in any history class (and we took a number of them). However, we simply could not please this guy, whose name escapes me.

    We were carrying a "D" average and managed to pull out a "C" by doing very well on the final--open book.

    Another professor, my "Methods" instructor, was also horrible. She gave me a "C" for the course and just did not like me. We argued all the time about politics. She was certain Nixon would pick then Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith as the Veep replacement for Agnew. I said he would pick Ford and he did.

    From that point on, my grades plummeted. Another student constantly complimented and flirted with her. I wrote his term paper--he got an "A" and I got a "C" on mine.

    One more. My Contemporary International Relations professor, Henry Lee (mentioned in John Gunther's Inside Latin America,) gave me a "C" in the course. He hated Nixon, I argued for Nixon.

    So, I know grades are not always a reflection of the student's abilities.

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    posted by Jimmy Clifton
    ........... I wrote his term paper--he got an "A"
    Ummm, honorable Mr. Clifton: that is called .... what is it called again? ...... ummmm, cheating?.
    posted by philosophicalme
    Have you failed a class in your grad program?
    Yes, thus far, I have failed .......... to get anything less than an "A" in my doctoral studies.

    The high cost of this failure? I have been, and continue to be, for several stretches of time, a hermit, a recluse, a bearded monk, in my own house, with wifey and kids wondering "who the hell is that guy with the beard?"

    Great thread, philosophicalme. Great posts, all.

    "A good name is better than riches."

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