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    MBA Applicants Are MIA

    As tuitions soar and the job market strengthens, some B-schools are downsizing -- and all are getting less selective

    Indeed, applications to BusinessWeek's Top 30 MBA programs have dropped almost 30% overall since 1998, with some schools seeing declines of 50% or more.

    Meanwhile, European schools have managed to capture some of the fall-off. Many report growing interest among U.S. applicants over the past several years. Beyond offering a diverse student body and better exposure to global business practices, European MBA programs are shorter -- about 14 to 16 months -- and tuition rates, despite the weak dollar, promise significant savings

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    It makes sense. It seems that enrollment numbers are down all over the place. At my wife's school, they are down significantly. I am hearing that the reason is because the economy is picking up, and as people go to work, they don't go to school. I'm sure someone like Rich Douglas can speak on this much more credibly than I.

    I do know that since I've been shopping for a grad school, I have been mobbed by seemingly credible schools. I get a rah-rah e-mail from Florida Atlantic and Utica College every day, even though I've told them to stop. It makes them seem less credible to me.
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