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    What's Up Regarding Commonwealth Open University?

    I have been doing some research on Commonwealth Open University. Now it isn't accredited in the traditional sense, but appears to be somewhat sound academically. Attached is their website link, along with some other pages there are listed on:







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    PhD: "I have been doing some research on Commonwealth Open University."

    John: Could you tell us, then, where the university is actually located? All I can figure out is a convenience address in the Virgin Islands, and a post office box in Spain. Thanks.
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    Dr. Bear, I Hope This Helps!

    Dear Dr. Bear,

    I have been accepted into a PhD in Management Program there, but I am waiting until I learn more. The cost is fairly inexpensive. Another question I have is, who does getting an academic degree have to break the bank in order to be legitmate?

    This is a quote of the costs by Mary Rua, the Admissions Director I received by email is as follows. She can be reached at commopu@telecable.es.

    The total tuition fees for the PhD in Management or the PhD in Information Technology degree programs are $400.00 (initial registration fee) plus $3350.00 (Doctorate), which is the total amount of $3750.00. You can choose from payment plans A, B, and C. According to payment plan A, you would have to pay $3375.00 at enrollment time. According to plan B, $938.00 at enrollment time and three more identical installment payments in two, four, and six months from registration. According to plan C, $938.00 at registration and twelve monthly installment payments of $258.00 each.
    __________________________________________________ _

    As I have shown, some places are talking about them. Please let me know, Thanks again Dr Bear.


    __________________________________________________ __

    Commonwealth Open University
    P.O. Box 124
    33420 Lugones, Asturias

    Commonwealth Open University
    Perez de Ayala 18, 3A
    33007 Oviedo

    Tel:(34) 985 274 241
    Fax:(34) 985 274 485
    E-mail: commopu@telecable.es

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    Please excuse my poor typing. Thank you.

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    By the way, my apologies in advance for being critical, but as a marketing guy I have to tell you that the logo resembles a cross-pollination between a domino and a coat of arms... At least in terms of branding and corporate identity, this doesn't seem like a slick marketing outfit.


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    Re: Dr. Bear, I Hope This Helps!

    Originally posted by PhD_Cyberspace
    ...The total tuition fees for the PhD in Management or the PhD in Information Technology degree programs are $400.00 (initial registration fee) plus $3350.00 (Doctorate), which is the total amount of $3750.00...
    As one with degrees from both accredited and unaccredited schools, I would just say that if Iwere going to invest $3350 in a Ph.D. from a foreign institution, I would choose an accredited South African school or at least an unaccredited school in America that's State Approved and/or Licensed.

    Just my two cents.

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    Cool Cool Hand Ray

    Slow down, Ray.

    Do not send them any money until there's more information. Their website is attractively presented, but I couldn't find any real authorization to grant degrees. Dr Bear's location question does go to the heart of legitimacy, so see what you can find out.

    Remember, the BVI has *no* accreditation process--all it's got are business licenses. As you know, a degree without accreditation from a business calling itself a school in the BVI is in no way the equivalent of an actual British degree from a legitimate British university.

    The academic organizations to which COU belongs have *no* quality control aspect, so should not be construed as equivalent to accreditation of a substitute for it. The costs you were quoted are not really that cheap, compared to totally legit South African universities offering DL. Jimmy's advice on South Africa is good advice.

    I'm NOT necessarily saying COU is a scam like Sore Buns, but just that the jury is still out and there are some fairly serious "authority" and "quality control" questions for which you deserve to have answers before enrolling.

    Also--this is NOT a rhetorical or trick question--do you know enough about doctoral programs in your chosen field to know that what is on offer at COU involves legitimate quality, kinds, and amount of work? If yes, terrific! If no, then protect your wallet and, in the long run, your reputation by educating yourself about program expectations throughout your field *first*.

    Before you enrol anywhere, please take the time to check out, say, a dozen different doctoral programs--preferably RA or "GAAP" foreign--so that you have a good "feel" for what is standardly (sic) involved. Then go back with your checklist and compare what is specifically required of you at COU or *any* DL program you're investigating. If it's markedly less or dramatically different from what the consensus seems to show, ask and find out why. Make sure it's not academic short-sheeting, like KW, or--maybe with the very best intentions--so unusual that the degree's usefulness or legitimacy might wind up vulnerable to intelligent attack.

    I know you are eager to get a doctorate. That's commendable. Just don't let your eagerness run away with your judgment--or your money.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks Uncle Janko!

    Thanks for your advice. I won't shell out the money just yet. I understand that Dr, Bear is doing research on COU. If that is the case maybe he will has some information in a little while. Take care. have a Nice Day!


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    Plain and simple.

    This is unaccredited entity - so their degrees are NOT recognized and in US won't be accepted to RA or NA university on regular basis.

    There is an accrediting body for the BVI etc.

    It's Commonwealth ( Book) Association or something lake that.

    This school is not listed with them.

    At this time in my opinion they are close to Degree Mill.

    UNISA is better way – yes, will have to work hard for the Ph.D.

    One of the links in the original post:


    Read - it states it's a "DIPLOMA MILL"

    Any one can edit or add things to the above link.

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