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    Score needed to pass CLEP General Exam

    Hey folks-

    I have my first CLEP test on Monday. (Clep Humanities) I've paid for four resources (instacert, a comex guide, the princeton review, and the college board guide) I believe I'm pretty well prepared. But I was wondering, how many questions (approx.) do I have to get right to pass? I've heard or read 50% to 65%.

    I answered close to 65-70% of the questions on the practice exams correctly.....so I was just wondering if I should put this test off?


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    When I started studying for the various CLEPs I was told by the proctor that if you can get at least half right on the practice test, you will be good.

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    You should be golden if you're doing 65-70% of your practice questions correctly on the first try . If you're doing the same questions over and over, and you're only hitting 65%, I'd be a bit worried. Best of luck on your exam!

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    My experience has been that if I hit 50%+ on a practice test that I'd do very well on the actual.

    The Humanities general is probably one of the harder of the generals but I'd feel very confident with 65-70% practice runs.

    Remember, due to the nature of these exams, you don't have to be able to answer every question correctly in order to score very high. I've left a CLEP thinking I blew half the test and still come out with a very high score.

    Good luck.
    Carson Turner
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    hi there matt,
    I was wondering how long were you studying for Humanites? I will start studying for Humanities 1 DEC and I'm using about half of the resources your using(instacert, comex). Let me know how you do monday.

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