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    Question Combined Bachelors/Masters or Masters/Doctorate

    Hey there people.

    Does anyone know of any others with combined accredited degree's for cheap (at least state approved, but perfer DETC or RA)? Have any foreign schools in mind? Please share with me.

    I've checked through most of the DETC schools, none of them seem to have one. I'm hoping CCU /SCUPS both get accredited because their tuition ain't too expensive, furthermore, CCU has combined Bachelors/Masters degrees for cheap.

    Anyone know of any cheap RA combined degrees? Preference to the Business/IT/Electronic fields.

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    Since DETC-accredited institutions do not award the doctorate, you may be able to find some BA-MA combo programs, but would have to look elsewhere for an MA-PhD combo (unless someone knows of an MA-JD combo out there).


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    In continental Europe, it is pretty common to have BA + MA (and to call it "Diplome" or something of the sort). The language of the institution is usually the language of the country, at least where there is a relatively affordable opportunity.

    Try, for example:
    FernUni Hagen:


    I bet that there are also such degrees also in France and other countries. For English language degrees of affordable (but reputable) nature, I would have try Ireland or the Netherlands (not English speaking, but usually much more foreigner-friendly than other European countries, language-wise).

    I think that the American system is the only one that combines graduate degrees (MA/MSc etc. with later PhD in nornal grad schools), but I am not sure which American graduate school gives good, affordable, programmes. The thing is, that at least with "normal" graduate programme, the MA or till the DBA is the part where you have to attend classes. Afterwards, a DBA has similar life to a DL student, except for the fact that they sometimes receive TA-ships, or that they have better approach to a lab/library than a DL student (both are important: one for the research itself, the former for any hope of getting tenureship somewhere later).

    Degree.net has a list of Bear's 100 schools, whose links are sometimes dead ends, but these universities (as well as others) offer such programmes.

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