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    Children's Literature Masters Program

    I live in New York and am required to have a masters within a certain number of years.I would love to get a masters in children's literature. With my living situation and work schedule it would need to be online. Any recommendations?

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    Not totally online, but worth checking out since you're not too far away: the MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Two 10-day residencies required per year, the rest is distance.

    Disclosure: I did my M.A. at the old Vermont College, then a part of Norwich University. V.C. was bought by The Union Institute, which ditched it a few years later. V.C.F.A. was formed as a new institution on the old V.C. campus, is independent of all other schools, and is regionally accredited on its own.

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    The distinction is worth making. An MFA with a concentration in Children's Literature is markedly different than an MA program in Children's Lit. There are quite a number of MA programs in Children's Lit but as far as I can tell, not even one of them is online/DL.
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    i found one, but it's from the UK


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