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    Question In search of my Masters of History!

    Hello all,

    I am a History major about to complete my Bachelors. The end goal of my career track is to obtain a PhD in a field related to History . That said the first step is to obtain a Masters but I am facing a massive dilemma. What specific History Masters should I jump at... and where?

    My original plan was to attend American Military University. The link to their History program is here:
    Online Master's Degree in History | American Military University

    The dilemma is they have several concentrations. American, Ancient, European, and Global. If I pursued a degree with a concentration on European History , would I be tight caste to find a PhD program that also focuses on European History ? Or would I be able to pursue any PhD History program?

    What do y'all think of their standing? Have you come across more distant learning options that provide a better education ? Do you believe a PhD program would be more accepting of a degree from say Norwich over one from AMU?

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read and provide your opinions/insights. Thanks!

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    Look up the thread MA in History Question.
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