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    Second Teacher Endorsement For Oregon?

    I'm trying to help out my fiance. She had originally gotten her masters and teaching license for high school, but would now like to teach elementary.
    It likes she would need to add an additional 'authorization level' to her license. Oregon requires going through a university program to do this. Does anyone have any pointers on the best way to do this would be? Something online would be great.
    We've looked at WGU 's program, but they claim that since she already has a masters, she can't enroll there.


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    I sprinted through the information in the linked page below and as far as I can tell, it's impossible to answer your question with the scant amount of information you've provided. I'm guessing that the people behind this link will be your best source of information and the Oregon state university system will provide the solution.

    State of Oregon: Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
    American College of Sports Medicine

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    The American college of Education does graduate education degrees and certificates. I think the last time I looked, they were more affordable then WGU and are RA. You could ask them, being focused on educators, maybe they have an answer for you. I'm a business guy myself, but have become interested recently.
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