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Thread: Online Ed.D

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    Online Ed.D

    So, I'm really at the point where I need to make a desicion about the future of my education . I have an Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty , I am a lead special education teacher in a local high school, and I really would like to finish my doctorate... However, I need to stay mostly online (due to many reasons), but I am worried about the reputation/respect of an online degree. I am looking at Northwest Nazarene University and Liberty . NNU will take my ENTIRE Ed.S and they seem to have a better reputation on the rankings list, but Liberty gives me a massive tuition discount (veteran) AND they are only a 3 hour drive. I also feel very comfortable at Liberty (Masters, Ed.S, and ASD certificate), despite not being of their belief system. One last point, LU have an Ed.D in special education (my area), and NNU offer a Ph.D/Ed.D in Education Leadership. I'm told that I can gear my research towards special education .

    Mostly, I would like to work for a university one day, and I want to make sure that my doctorate isn't disregarded in those circles. I'm not trying to be tenure at Harvard, but maybe associate/adjunct/staff at a local university in New England .

    I've written this in kind of a hurry, so excuse grammar etc. I'm really interested in all of your opinions on this. I'm sure that there are many of you who have been in the same situation.

    Thanks so much!

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    There are many top schools offer Ph.D/Ed.D online or limited residency programs. Why's limited yourself to Liberty University and Northwest Nazarene University? Especially you are going to university level later.
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    Just up the road from me lies Concordia University Chicago (it's actually in River Forest). They have an online Ed.D. option in Special Education .

    They're a decent regional school with, I'm told, a sizable graduate student population:

    EdD/PhD, Special Education Leadership | Concordia University Chicago Graduate and Innovative Programs

    The University of Illinois also recently launched an Ed.D. that has a concentration in "Diversity & Equity in Education ":

    Diversity & Equity in Education | College of Education | U of I

    Arizona State also has an interesting Ed.D. program in "Leadership and Innovation":


    And then, of course, there's the GetEducated.com list:


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    It's not high on the name recognition scale, but I believe that the American College of Education is one of the great values in DL. Regionally accredited, 100% online, and incredibly inexpensive when compared to other RA programs.

    ACE Ed.D. Program
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    Certificate (Classical Sociological Theory) University of Amsterdam

    RA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/16/08

    NA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/20/08

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    The University of the Cumberlands has a 100% distance learning EdD in Educational Leadership that will accept your EdS as a year's worth of credit (18 semester-hours) leaving you with twelve courses and a dissertation. Its tuition rates are also very low, you'd pay something like $18,000 total to finish.

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    MA in Educational Tech, George Washington University
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