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    Reasonably Priced Assistive Technology MS?

    Can anyone give me some advice on this? Thanks.
    BA Liberal Arts-College of Mount St. Joseph
    Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management-eCornell
    Graduate Diploma in Assistive Technology-Cal State Dominguez Hills
    MS Ed-Cal State Hayward

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    Hey Jim,
    I am currently searching for the same. The only one I have seen which is around $24,000 is the one from Cal State Northridge. This one actually specializes in Assistive Tech versus something with a more Special Ed focus. I currently work as an ATP and I would like to get another masters to change careers as I currently am just about done an MBA . I see you did the cert from Dominguez Hills, how did you like it? I'll watch the thread to see if anyone finds any others. Good luck!
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    If a certificate will meet your needs then you should check out the Information Accessibility Design and Policy program through the University of Illinois :


    It's a total of three classes at two credits each at a cost of $904 per class. These are evidently considered graduate level classes, but the program is a "Certificate of Professional Development" as opposed to a Graduate Certificate.

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