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    What type of credits can reduce a Ed.D to 30 credits?

    I notice that some schools list Doctorate of Education degrees requiring ~60 credits. Some clearly state that if one completed a 30-36 credit Ed.S after a 30-36 credit education degree, then one only needs to complete 30-36 credits to finish the Ed.D.

    I will soon finish an MAT, but took additional graduate education courses taken at 3 different schools. Between the MAT and extra courses, I will have 48 credits in education courses. Few are EDU prefix, but are all in teaching /education subfields. Could I use these extra credits to reduce a ED.D to 42 credits? Or take an additional 12 credits and get it down to 30, without having an Ed.S?

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    I'd think this would entirely depend on the receiving institution, and that how they approach this would vary too much for you to get anything out of a one-size-fits-all answer.
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    Steve is correct. The only courses likely to be in common across programs would be courses in research design , quantitative methods and qualitative methods.
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