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    Jackson State’s Accelerated Higher Ed Executive Ph.D.

    Almost too good to be true- a two year PhD!

    The article below indicates a graduation rate of 70 percent for the Jackson State executive Ph.D. program in urban higher education . This is very high graduation rate for PhD programs, AND it is not a program for slackers!

    Jackson State

    "The JSU program was modeled after the University of Pennsylvania executive Ed.D. program, which is described on its website as “the premier cohort-based Ed.D. program in the world” and one that “enables students to complete coursework and a dissertation in two years without career interruption.”

    This is not a distance learning program. It meets Thursday - Saturday once a month.

    Tuition and participatory fees for in-state students are $41,028.00 for the two (2) year program ($6,838 per semester).
    Tuition and participatory fees for out-of-state students are $68,640 for the two (2) year program ($11,440 per semester).

    Out of the three requirements often voiced about PhD programs,

    Good, Cheap and Quick;

    it appears to satisfy the first and last criteria. As someone wise (I forget who) has pointed out, you will not likely find a program meeting all three requirements.

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    Thats great but by not being online it is not very accessible for most of us..

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    True, Ed. But you never know when someone will see a thread and whatever option is listed is right for them.
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