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    Lightbulb How can I clear my backlog of Osmania university Graduation after 10 Years gap?

    Hi, I enrolled my self for BSC course from Osmania University 2004 .due to some reasons I could not complete my graduation. I have to still give my 2nd year chemistry,3rd year chemistry . How can i do that. It is 10 years now...Please Help me,.

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    It is hard to say because Osmania University, an Indian academic institution. In the United States, most of the college credits are good for 25 years. Therefore, you can re-enroll to the school to complete your degree, unless you were expelled from the school. As for the Indian academic institution, you might have to contact the admission director and academic advisor for further guidance.

    Check this link out: Osmania University - Revised Rules and Procedure for Readmission - IndiaStudyCenter.com
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    I think contacting them directly to ask is the only good way forward for you. Good luck!
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    You have to contact them directly .

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    If you want complete you BSC degree then you to re admission in university. I don't think any university have any strong roles for reconnecting students. Just contact your university and ask them for your degree. They must be provide good information for complete your degree.

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