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    Between Trinity, Gordon-Conwell, and Fuller

    Hi, I'm pursuing an MDiv and I applied to these three schools. I've gotten accepted into Trinity and Gordon-Conwell, and am still waiting on Fuller.

    Between these three, which one would you suggest? I am also planning to take distance learning courses for the time being from whichever one I choose, since I have ministry responsibilities where I am at in NYC.

    Any and every insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm going to guess that you probably mean Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. I'm also going to guess that even if you don't mean that Trinity you probably don't mean the unaccredited Trinity College and Seminary in Newburgh, IN. We could go on and on about the latter. Which we have!

    Otherwise, wow. Deciding between these schools is a good problem to have. Congratulations!

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    What is your faith tradition? Denomination? Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal?

    Fuller is the most liberal of the bunch. TEDS is in the context of a university, and GCTS is a standalone seminary.

    If you lean to the left, Fuller is the clear choice.

    If you are interested in an academic career, TEDS would be the slightly better option, IMO. It has PhD programs, which indicates a certain level of commitment to scholarship. GCTS wouldn't be a bad option, though.

    If you are interested in a pastoral career, I would recommend GCTS for the seminary ethos.

    Would you consider any other seminaries?

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    Thanks for the speedy reply, guys! Yes, I was talking about Trinity Evangelical Divinity School =)

    I am seeking an MDiv specifically to go into pastoral ministry. While I'm open-minded, my peers have told me to get the most solid education first and then pursue the less fundamental beliefs, which is why I shied away from applying to places like Union and Princeton.

    I'm looking to start as soon as possible, so I probably wouldn't be able to apply to any other seminaries at this point.

    But yeah, Gordon-Conwell seems like my top choice right now. I think it might actually come down between that and Trinity. Any other insights?

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    Hands down GCTS

    Gordon Conwell, is quite highly thought of in academic circles. There is broad exposure to many faith traditions, while remaining orthodox (Fuller is just too liberal for my blood). They're academically rigorous and you could likely get into several respectable PhD programs with just your MDiv if you structured it right.

    As mentioned before, Trinity Evangelical is a great school. DA Carson is there and he's brilliant. You certainly could not go wrong at Trinity. I guess if I were in your shoes, GCTS is where I'd go.

    PS....plus Haddon Robinson is there teaching preaching....the best!

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