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    Low Vison/Rehab Therapist Program Online?

    I've been teaching ESL since 1995 and am now in Saudi Arabia. i've been working with some blind students and find I like it. I am interested in O & M (Orientation and Mobility) ane Low Vision Rehab therapy and am looking for one online. Especially, I need one that I can do f2f coursework in summer as that's when my vacations are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Western Michigan University, in their 2012-13 Graduate Catalog
    Distance Education

    The department offers the opportunity for pursuing some of its degrees via distance education format. Currently, the programs in Teaching Children with Visual Impairments, Orientation and Mobility, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy are available. Most didactic lecture-based courses are presented in an online format, while the experiential skills courses are compressed into one or two summertime sessions. All distance education offerings require off-campus clinical field experience. Admission requirements for students pursuing distance education include providing assurances of agency or school support. Contact the respective program advisor for details.
    Blindness and Low Vision Studies (Western Michigan University Graduate Catalog 2012-13)

    WMU Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies
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    Quote Originally Posted by University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    The Online Master of Arts Degree Program in Orientation and Mobility prepares professionals to provide orientation and mobility services to people who are blind or visually impaired. Orientation & Mobility Specialists provide consumers with skills to maximize environmental information and to process and utilize it to make judgments and decisions for independent travel while using their remaining vision, long canes or dog guides. The Program provides the coursework and supervised fieldwork experiences required for certification by the Academy for the Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP). […]

    Students must commit to coming to Little Rock for two consecutive summers to enroll in the blindfold simulation classes and student teaching. Summer classes usually run for the last three weeks in June, and students receive free room and some meals either at the Arkansas School for the Blind or at Lions World Services for the Blind, where classes are held. In exchange for the living accommodations, students must agree to assist in light recreational duties (or student teaching responsibilities) with the children at the school. Internships may be arranged in the student’s home community under the supervision of a certified O&M instructor. Students adhering to a prescribed program of study may be able to complete the degree in 2.5-3 years.
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock M.A. in Rehabilitation of the Blind: Orientation & Mobility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Tech University
    Most coursework is completed online. However, two required courses are only offered on-campus in Lubbock, Texas during the summer months. Additionally, two courses require one weekend each of on-campus instruction.
    Texas Tech University: Orientation and Mobility Certification Preparation Program. The coursework can also be applied to an area of emphasis in TTU's M.Ed. in Special Education.

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