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    Post DL Dimploma and Degree

    Hi All , i will be greateful, if any one here can asist me with Online diploma and Degree programme in ICT, I have more than 7years experince in Information technology , areas like , systems administration, networking , hardware and little background of Programm . i want to futher my eudcation to get a degree in IT . any afforable school which runs online degress?

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    Have a look at CIE-World College. Diplomas, certificates, Associates and Bachelor's degrees. Inexpensive, Nationally accredited, (DETC) good reputation. Plus - the faster you learn, the more you save.

    Distance Education Learning and Computer Technology Degrees
    World College Distance Learning Bachelors Degrees Electronics

    And no - they don't pay me to say so. I have no affiliation with these schools, although I do know people who have done well with these degrees.

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