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    COSC Cyber Security Bachelors


    I'm new here but have been looking into testing out options for a while now. I'm just finishing up my associates in math and sciences but want to speed up getting a bachelors due to family issues. Is there any way to test out of COSC 's cyber security degree? I know I could do it with business but that would be of little use to me...and frankly I'd rather chew my arm off :/ If there's no way to test out then I'll just go with plan A and finish up engineering but I'd really prefer a quick option so if anyone has any ideas I'd be really grateful. Thanks

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    It's tough to give you good advice unless you say what your actual goals are, and in a bit of detail. A degree is merely a tool that helps you reach a goal, and which tool is best depends on what the job is.
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    Well at the moment the goal is a quick degree because I don't know if I can stay in school for 2 more years at the rate things are going with the family. A tech degree of any kind is preferable because I want a tech job plus if I have zero interest in a subject nothing in the world will make me learn it (this may or may not be an issue with a traditional class, I've had plenty with no proctored tests but with testing out I do have to learn the subject), which is why business is out plus if I actually pay for something it's not going to be to torture myself. Ultimately I will be getting that engineering degree anyway when things cool down but right now I'd feel more secure having at least some kind of bachelors instead of just a GED in case I have to swap countries/jobs. Both are quite possible in the near future unfortunately. I'm not sure this clears anything up or just confuses you more though.

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