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    Online options for CS or Game Programming?

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm a 25 (almost 26) year old looking to get back to school and finish the Bachelors that I could not previously due to life events, etc. I started out going for Web Development when I was in school, but quickly figured out I enjoy software and game programming more, so I would like to obtain a degree in that.

    I have known people who went to Full Sail and loved it, but unfortunately they do not offer Game Development online. I'm not currently in a situation where I can just pack up and move for school, so I need an online program. I found a few -- Academy of Art (Game Programming ), U of Florida (CS), University of Maryland University College (CS) -- but was looking for some opinions and recommendations. I don't want to get stuck with a degree mill.

    What are the best options out there for either Computer Programming or Game Programming ? I know some programs go by different names, I'm just generally looking for programs specialized in the programming aspect (not design , engineering , art aspect, etc). Thank you!

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    I found one of the cheaper options was Florida State university, they have a BA or BS in Computer Science @ $290/credit hour.

    Other schools you can check are, Dakota State University (CS), Arizona State University (Software Engineering - very programming intensive), Old Dominion (CS)

    there's alot more, but these were the first few i could think off.

    giving a budget and your location would help as well since some schools offer online degrees with in state rates too.

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    I just finished my undergrad at UMUC. With any degree you get what you put into them, but I was extremely happy with the education I got at UMUC. I was able to land a sweet job as a .NET Programmer six months before graduation because of my pending degree.
    BS, Computer and Information Science - UMUC (2016)
    Certificate, Unix System Administration - UMUC (2013)

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