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    9 High Paying Certifications

    9 High Paying Certifications
    IN 2015

    Professional certifications have acquired an important place in
    today’s job market as 91% of hiring managers globally consider
    certification to be a criterion for hiring. Here are ten trending
    certifications of the year that can boost your salary package.
    The rankings are based upon the average salary a professional
    draws after receiving the respective certification.


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    between the devil and the deep blue sea
    and this is according to . . . ?

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    Company that sales training.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizmet View Post
    and this is according to . . . ?
    Here is another List.

    Highest Paying Certifications - List of the Highest Paying Certifications

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    IT certifications are now also pushed by DoD Directive 8570.1.

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    between the devil and the deep blue sea
    Quote Originally Posted by Lerner View Post
    Company that sales training.
    Thanks, so helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lerner View Post
    Company that sales training.
    A link to the source would be helpful.
    MPH, A.T. Still University - 2008
    BS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - 2003
    AAS, Community College of the Air Force - 2012, 2007 & 2001

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    Vital Stats
    The Open Group Architecture Framework or
    TOGAF is an Enterprise Architecture framework
    which helps in designing, planning and
    implementing the information security
    architecture of an enterprise.
    TOGAF as a professional certification program
    for individuals and organizations was
    launched by the Open Group in 2004.
    Industry Relevance
    TOGAF certification enables professionals to
    acquire specific knowledge about the standard
    framework and methods of the enterprise
    architecture and helps them demonstrate their
    proven knowledge of the framework. There has
    been an exponential growth in Enterprise and IT
    Architecture and the vertical is expected to grow
    more rapidly in the near future.
    IBM, HP, Oracle, Deloitte, Capgemini, Cisco, and other leading giants
    are implementing TOGAF® methodologies to transform their business
    thereby increasing the job opportunities for TOGAF® certified architects.

    TOGAF certified Enterprise Architects who are
    earning a whopping $124,000 compared to
    their non-certified peers and are most
    sought-after by Fortune 500 companies.
    Generic skills such as leadership, team building
    and soft skills
    Business skills comprising business cases,
    processes, strategic planning
    Enterprise Architecture Skills comprising modelling,
    system integration, applications & role design
    Project Management Skills
    Technical Skills
    Legal knowledge about data protection laws, contract law,
    procurement law, etc
    Eligibility Requirements
    TOGAF 9 Foundation (Part-1): There are no set eligibility
    requirements for taking up the TOGAF 9 Foundation
    (Part-1) examination. Any aspiring candidate who wishes to
    build a career in Enterprise architecture can take up the examination.
    A candidate may achieve certification either through
    self-study or by attending a TOGAF Accredited
    Training Course.

    TOGAF 9 Certification (Part-2): For taking up TOGAF 9 Certification
    (Part-2) Exam, a candidate must have passed the TOGAF 9 Foundation
    (Part-1) Exam from the same ATTC provider.
    Examination Format & Cost
    This Exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions.
    You need to write 22 or more correct answers to qualify
    on this exam. Passing score is 55%. Each correct answer
    scores one mark.
    TOGAF certification can be
    achieved through:
    TOGAF 9 (Part-1):
    This exam consists of 8 multiple choice questions which are based on
    complex scenarios with gradient scoring. Passing score is 60%. The exam
    is open book and a correct answer scores 5 points, second best answer
    scores 3 points, and third best scores 1 point. Hard copy or PDF of the
    applicable text book is provided by the test center.
    TOGAF 9 (Part-2):
    Exam Duration: 60 Minutes Exam Fee: USD 320 + Local Taxes
    Exam Duration: 90 Minutes Exam Fee: USD 320 + Local Taxes
    This exam consists of 48 questions and is taken by those aspirants who
    wish to take up the level 2 certification in a single examination. It comprises
    two sections and each section must be cleared with pass marks that are
    similar to those of the separate exams (Part 1: 55%, Part 2: 60%).
    TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 & 2
    Exam Duration: 150 minutes Exam Cost: USD 495 + Local Taxes

    Vital Stats
    Certified Scrum Master is one of the most
    popular and globally recognized certifications
    oered by the reputed Scrum Alliance.
    This coveted credential is oered to those
    professionals who have successfully completed
    CSM training and have proven their skills in Scrum
    terminologies, practices and principles in the
    CSM exam.
    CSM provides better and greater job opportunities to professionals
    who wish to build a strong base on scrum and agile practices and
    There are more than 262,000 Certified Scrum Masters.

    Industry Relevance
    Project managers across industries
    Product owners
    Software architects
    According to payscale.com, a CSM® professional
    has a median salary of $112,000 a year. Also, a
    Certified ScrumMaster® earns 3% more than a
    A CSM must be proactive.
    Ability to develop and foster teamwork.
    Ability to promptly and clearly disseminate
    Eective communication skills
    Great problem solving ability
    Ability to handle stressful situations
    Ability to take a call and make decisions
    Eligibility Requirements
    Although there are no set eligibility requirements for
    certified scrum master, it is advisable to have some
    understanding of the principles and possess working
    knowledge of the overall scrum process. The candidate
    must understand the individual roles of product owner
    and development team.

    Examination Format & Cost
    The exam consists of 35 multiple choice questions and
    to pass the Certified Scrum Master exam, one needs to
    write 24 or more correct answers. Candidate can take
    up the exam only after the completion of two days
    training. The test takes about an hour to finish.
    The cost of the CSM exam is included in the course
    and will be paid by the trainer. There will be two free
    attempts after which $25 will be charged.

    Exam Format: 35 MCQs Exam Cost: Included in training
    Vital Stats
    A person with CISSP certification has the ability
    to delimitate the architecture, innovations,
    management or commands that define the
    security of the business environment.
    The CISSP exam is governed by the International
    Information Systems Security Certification
    Consortium, Inc. or (ISC) 2 which is a global
    not-for-profit organization.
    There are around 96,000 CISSPs across the globe.
    Industry Relevance

    IT managers
    Security consultants
    Security analysts
    IT professionals
    Network engineers
    Salary survey conducted by a Certification
    Magazine ranked CISSP as one of the top
    best-paid credentials in IT.
    According to a survey conducted in 2008, IT
    professionals with CISSP certification tend to
    earn $21,000 more compared to IT professionals
    without CISSP certification.
    According to PayScale.com, the salary for a CISSP professional ranges
    from $60,000 to $160,000, the average salary being $110,600.
    Soft Skills
    Access Control
    Operations Security
    Physical Security
    Telecommunications & Network Security
    Information Security
    Application Development Security
    Security Architecture & Design
    Legal Regulations

    Examination Format & Cost
    The CISSP exam consists of 250 multiple choice
    questions. A candidate is required to score 700 out
    of the possible 1000 points to pass the exam.

    Eligibility Requirements
    Candidates must have a minimum of five years of full-time
    security professional work experience in two or more of
    the ten domains of the (ISC)2 CISSP® Common Body of
    Knowledge (CBK). They have to subscribe to the (ISC)2
    Code of Ethics or four years of security work experience
    in two or more domains along with a college degree.
    Exam Duration: 6 hours Exam Cost: USD 549 or USD 599
    Vital Stats
    PMP is the most sought-after certification for
    Project Managers oered by the reputed PMI.
    According to PMI Today magazine (Jan 2015
    edition), there are 639,023 PMP certified
    professionals across the globe.
    The PMP certification exam covers five areas
    relating to the lifecycle of a project: initiating, planning, executing,
    monitoring and controlling, and closing.
    Industry Relevance

    Public Sectors
    According to PMI, Project Management is one of
    the topmost skillsets in demand by organizations
    across the globe. It is estimated that one-fifth of
    the world’s total GDP-which is nearly 12 trillion-is
    spent on projects. This creates a huge demand for
    knowledgeable and skilled project managers. The
    median salary for a PMP is $109,405
    Excellent Communication Skills
    Masterful soft skills
    Eective Leadership Skills
    Time-Management Skills
    Sound Industry & Solution Knowledge
    Organizational & Multi-tasking skills
    Human Resource Management
    Risk Management

    Secondary degree with at least five years of project
    management experience with 7500 hours leading and
    directing projects and 35 hours of project management
    education .
    To be eligible for the certification program,
    you need to have enough Project management
    working experience.
    Eligibility Requirements
    Four-year degree with at least three years of project management
    experience, with 4500 hours leading and directing projects and 35
    hours of project management education .
    Examination Format & Cost
    The PMP examination consists of 175 scored
    multiple-choice questions and 25 pretest (unscored)
    questions that sum up to 200 questions. The allotted
    time for the completion of the exam is 4 hours. The
    candidate is required to write 137 correct answers in
    order to pass the exam.
    At present, the examination fee is $405 (PMI member) and USD $555

    Exam Duration: 4 hours Exam Cost: $405 or $555
    Vital Stats
    The Salesforce Developer certification is a
    credential that bestows necessary skills and
    knowledge of designing custom-made
    applications and analytics while being aided by
    declarative features of the Salesforce platform.
    It is a certification that proves a professional’s
    ability to build specific data models, identify
    business logic, design user interface and ensure
    security for customized applications
    The growth in demand for certified Salesforce professionals has shot
    up to 159% since the year 2008.
    Salesforce.com is the main accreditation body that dictates the
    structure of the Salesforce Developer certification.

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    The Salesforce Developer course suits all
    professionals who are responsible for setting up,
    configuring and maintaining Salesforce applications
    in the organization. It is best suited for:
    Industry Relevance
    Developers and System administrators
    Sales Architects
    Operations professionals
    IT managers
    The Salesforce Developer earns an average
    pay of $99,000.
    Excellent written & verbal communication
    Presentation Style
    Research Habits
    Listening Skill
    Providing Solutions
    Trust Building
    Referral Maximization
    Eligibility Requirements
    Salesforce.com stipulates a minimum set of
    requirements that all qualified candidates must
    A degree in Business Administration or Computer
    Have a good understanding of the basic concepts and
    functionalities on Salesforce platforms.
    Examination Format & Cost
    The exam is online based and lasts 90 minutes with a
    format of multiple-choice questions and consists of
    60 questions in total. The percentage passing score is
    68% which is a minimum score for all candidates.
    Exam Duration: 90 minutes Exam Cost: $200
    Vital Stats
    Information Technology Infrastructure Library
    (ITIL) is a comprehensive set of IT service
    management best practices aimed at achieving
    cost-e ective, high quality services and e cient
    support by aligning business requirements with
    IT services.
    The ITIL® Foundation certification is considered
    as the entry level qualification in the field of IT
    Service Management.

    Industry Relevance
    Operations Managers
    Service Delivery Professionals
    Quality Analysts
    Production Support Engineers
    IT Professionals
    According to Indeed.com, the average salary of an

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    ITIL® certified professional is $95,000.
    Companies like Dell, NIIT, Fujitsu, TCS, Wipro,
    Tech Mahindra, CSC, Accenture, Genpact, Citibank,
    HCL, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Reliance, Ericsson, Fidelity Investment Services,
    GE Capital, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, KPMG, and Mercedes-Benz
    prefer IT Service Delivery and Support sta with ITIL® certification.
    Business Process Modeling
    Database Management
    IT Architecture
    IT Security
    Data Mining
    Soft Skills
    Problem Solving aptitude

    While there is no mandatory qualification for obtaining the
    ITIL Foundation 2011 certification, candidates who apply
    for this certificate are encouraged to have a minimum of 2
    years of experience in IT service management. Knowledge
    of core principles of service management is required.
    Another requirement is the awareness of ITIL terminology
    and the examination procedure.
    Eligibility Requirements
    Examination Format
    The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions per
    paper. This closed book exam requires you to obtain
    26 marks or 65% to earn the foundation certificate.
    Passing this exam will earn you 2 credits.
    Exam Duration: 60 minutes Exam Format: 40 MCQs
    Vital Stats
    About 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created
    every day and around 90% of the world’s total
    data has been generated in the last two years.
    Management best practices are aimed at achieving
    cost-e ective, high quality services and e cient
    support by aligning business requirements with
    IT services.
    The advent of Big Data has helped organizations in taking better
    decisions, enhancing customer engagement, optimizing operations ,
    preventing threats and fraud and capitalizing on new sources of
    revenue. With data emerging as one of the world’s newest resources
    for competitive engagement, industry specific skills are required to
    completely harness the power of Big Data.
    Gartner has predicted that there will be a need for 4.4 million data
    scientists in 2015, but that only one- third of those jobs will be filled
    by skilled employees.
    McKinsey predicts that the US is going to face a shortage of skilled Big
    Data professionals with analytical skills by 2018.
    Harvard Business Review has called Data Scientist the sexiest job of
    the 21st century.

    Industry Relevance
    Big Data continues to be an exploding space with
    tremendous job opportunities in:
    Public Sectors
    For working on real data, it is essential for data
    scientists to work with languages like R, Python,
    SAS, Hadoop, and more.
    Technical Skills:
    Business Implications
    Intellectual Curiosity
    E ective Communication Skills
    Problem Solving Skills
    Non-Technical Skills:

    The median salary for a data scientist is about
    $95,000 per annum.
    Data Science is expected to, consolidate, become the mainstream career
    option, and even surprise us with advancements in the field. The field is
    expected to mature over time and slowly shift to a cloud environment. Data
    science practitioners would like to be able to build predictive models in
    temporary cloud environments in order to increase their performance
    requirements. Unlike the current trend of a single algorithm or tool being
    used to solve most of the data-related problems, the future is predicted to

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    break this jinx. Data scientists are building new data algorithms to suit their
    needs, which are predicted to take advantage of parallel data processing to
    improve e ciency.

    Although there are no defined pre-requisites for taking up
    certification training, it is important to brush up on a few
    skills like Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and
    Statistics (basics).
    To become a data scientist, having a basic hands-on
    knowledge of statistics is necessary. There is a lot
    of debate doing the rounds in data science circles regarding
    statistics being outdated and stodgy. However, statistical modeling is an
    important part of the job profile of a data scientist. Thus, candidates need to
    possess a basic knowledge of stats, so that they can apply this logic in R or
    other languages.
    Computer Science fundamentals knowledge is essential for taking up any
    training. As is widely known, Data Scientists need to write code, for the
    simple reason that if one can’t use R or similar languages, they cannot work
    on real world data. One need not be an expert in coding but basic
    knowledge is always helpful.
    Eligibility Requirements

    Preferred Educational
    The debate regarding the best qualification in order to
    learn Data Science is still pretty much on. A few
    experts claiming that a Bachelor’s degree with good
    practical skills can do the trick, while others believe a
    Master’s degree or a PhD is needed to prove your skills
    in this field.
    However, as aptly mentioned in Data Science: A Introduction/ A Mash-up of
    Disciplines, this field is a mash-up of several disciplines like Math, Science,
    Advanced Computing, Visualization, Data Engineering , Hacker Mindset, and
    Domain expertise. It's therefore di cult to single out a particular field which
    can act as a pre-requisite for learning data science.
    In general, one will find a minimum of 80% of the data scientists with a
    Master’s degree and about 40% having a PhD qualification. The most common
    fields of study are Mathematics and Statistics, Economics , Computer Science ,
    and Engineering , among others.
    Though a few institutes are planning to launch a Bachelor’s degree programs
    which will be in line with the Computer Science programs, training is
    generally provided at the Master’s degree level. Apart from these programs,
    a number of institutes o er certification training in online, live-virtual
    classroom, and classroom learning modes, to facilitate students across
    the globe.
    Vital Stats
    Often referred to as ‘online marketing ’, ‘internet
    marketing ’ or ‘web marketing ’, digital marketing
    has gained popularity over the last decade. With
    the advent of e-commerce websites, the scope for
    a digital marketer has increased multifold.
    Online Marketing is booming and this industry
    numerous career opportunities for candidates
    who hold appropriate training and education .
    Online Marketing has now become an in-demand skill that is used to
    launch and manage successful businesses online.
    There is no single governing body for digital marketing courses.
    However, Google, OMCP, Online Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs,
    etc. are a few well-known names in the online marketing training arena.

    Industry Relevance
    Fresh graduates
    Business owners
    Web Designers
    Web Marketers
    Professionals in their early career
    Marketing Professionals
    The certification is a stamp of approval for domain
    knowledge in the field of online marketing .
    This enhances the job prospects of individuals
    enabling them to gain entry in various Fortune
    500 and Ecommerce companies like Amazon, Ebay
    and other top organizations. A survey conducted on
    Moz.org reported that the global average salary of online marketers is
    $65,766 and Entry level salaries start at around $35,000. The average
    salary for online marketers in the United States is $86,253. The job market
    is very hot and there is a very strong demand to fill positions in the future.
    OMCP Certification
    Knowledge of Data Analysis
    Content Marketing
    Email Marketing
    SEO & PPC
    Data Visualization

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizmet View Post
    Thanks, so helpful.
    I just noticed I didn't post the link.
    So here it is
    its by simplelearn.com

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    what's will be the cost for this one?

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    My coworkers used their PMP cert class to get PMI accredited 35 PDU's for the
    PMI exam. 2 out of 4 passed first time , one passed second and one only failed once and planning to retake an exam.
    The cost was around 100 USD . That included pre recorded lectures, PDF doc info and MOP exams.

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    Lerner, what's the source link for this info?
    Working on MSc Comp Sci

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeLearn View Post
    Lerner, what's the source link for this info?

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