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    BS Computer Engineering Tech at Grantham U.

    Recently seperated vet. No real experience in computers or engineering . Making a career change after being 1 year away from completing my BS Criminal Justice . Does anyone have any feedback on this program? I looked for several weeks and finally decided on it due to the cost of tuition.

    Will it not being ABET come to bite me in the long run?

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    There are other public state Unis that have cheaper tuition than Grantham U if you are solely looking for a computer program with low cost tuition.

    Especially if you come from TX or FL.

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    I would prefer an online Comp Engineering . I am in Washington state and could not find anything cheaper then $250p/ credit (Grantham price)

    All suggestions are welcomed.

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    ohh, i couldn't find a purely com engineering program. closest I've came across was from Old Dominion, they offer a Com Eng Tech program. But it's $319/hour. Slightly higher, but it's a public state university.


    Other 2 programs that come to mind are computer science programs (I think you can have some options to do electives that suit your technology focus areas)

    UMUC $250/hour

    Online Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science | UMUC

    Tory University $250/hour

    TROY - eTROY - Undergraduate Degree Programs

    Another option could be to do Eastern New Mexico's Electrical Engineering Technology ($200/hr ) program and do more Computer Science electives to suit your IT focus.

    Earn Your Online Degree at ENMU

    Most places require you to do 30 hours in residences. You could make your degree program cost cheaper by doing the pre-req and even some of the main courses through via online classes through a community college.

    you can clear out the standard pre-req such as calculus, linear algebra, or even computer science I and II from a community college for a cheap. Look at Clovis Community College. $100+/hour

    Also, with regards to your question about ABET, it depends what do you wanna do with your degree ?

    In the event you might want to do a Masters in Engineering and the college requires an ABET undergraduate degree, then yes, it might pose a hurdle.


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    If you are going for engineering program, ensure to attend regional and ABET accredited institution/program. Some states require ABET accreditation degree for state engineering license.
    Ph.D| Nova Southeastern University (W/D)
    MPS | Georgetown University (2012)
    MS | Southern Methodist University (2010)
    BS | Troy University (2006)
    Cert | Marine Corps University (2008)

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    Unfortunately my friend got eaten up on a LinkedIn PE group.
    The moderator openly calls all the DEAC accredited schools and especially Grantham and Cal National Univ Diploma mills.
    We know they are not but the reputation in that group of mostly ABET graduates licensed PE's of the non ABET DEAC - DETC, NA schools such as ITT , Devry etc etc is really bad.

    It appears that people eho already have career and earned a degree from GU indeed report that it benefited them, one person in the group was promoted to Engineer position.
    But reading on line about people who tried to find jobs and or transfer credit , you get mixed reviews and some really bad comments.

    I personally have no experience with these schools. Some of my friends earned NA degrees and I don't hear any complains.

    If you want to work in IT then maybe Engineering is not the degree to get.
    I observed that in companies that demand ABET engineering degrees for the traditional Engineering , R&D positions, they hire ITT and Devry grads for IT jobs.
    In the IT world a combination of good certifications and degree can be of high value.

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