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    City University of Seattle

    Does anyone have any information or experience with this school? They are offering an online Masters of Science in Information Security , but it requires 16 courses at the total cost of around 30k or more. It seems like a good program, but the price and amount of courses makes it less desirable. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    What's wrong with the amount of courses? City University is on the quarter system and 16 courses would be 48 quarter hours, which is about right for a master's degree.
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    If you're looking for cost effective for Master degree in Information Security . Have you looked at Western Governors University ? or Columbus State University?
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    I have looked at WGU at least. My biggest concern is the technical level of the courses. I guess I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too! I'm looking for a Master's program that is more technical than theory and also something where I'll learn. I've been looking at several options for months and National University might be a good fit. It's 20k for the program and can be completed in 1 year. But, Dakota State University is going to offer a Masters in Applied Computer Science , which should fill my needs. They haven't posted anything about it yet, but they are starting a few courses this fall. I think I may wait to see the curriculum before I make any decisions. I just want to make sure that my time/money is well spent. I'm not looking just for a piece of paper. I'll take a look at Columbus State University, thanks!

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