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    Post need some advicing

    hi everyone, I am a student of Howard Community College in Maryland, Im going for IT. I really like the program that they offer, furthermore I have the Cisco option on my major which is great, also has some electronics classes, it is so exciting!!! I love it! but Im about to finish and I want to transfer to a four-year degree university, I have been checking around and I noticed that College park doesn't have IT as bachelor degree, they only have engineering and computer science . Im looking for cisco or networking instead of programming which is kind of different. I was checking that the University of Phoenix (Maryland Campus) has an exact IT program but I dont know if that would be a good University, also I checked UMUC (University of Maryland University College) but I was reading about that University and it doesn't sound so good. so if anyone have any advice of which will be a good university for IT combined with electronics or which will be the best major for that and the best university. thak yall!

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    You want to attend affordable schools with low tuition to avoid high student loan debt. Fort Hays State University BS in IT, and Columbus State University BS in IT are two very affordable programs that I can think of right now. You may also want to dig into Degree Info to uncover tons of other degree sourcing resource in the archives.

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