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    Transfer to Troy University?

    I am currently in the UoP BSIT program. I have been considering transferring into another program because of the public opinon and costs involved. I have around 90 credits already completed, and am on schedule to gradute in December of 2005.

    Does anyone think I am better off (obviously cost-wise I would be) transferring into Troy? I still would like to graduate at the end of the year. Is that possible?

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    If you started from ground zero with UoP and if you're on schedule to graduate with a Bachelors degree in only nine more months, I'd recommend that you stay put and stay on track. Simply go to a different school for a Masters degree. Diversification is good. :)
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    I am currently with Troy University; and hopefully I am graduating by December 'cause my deployment. If you want to graduate by the end of this Year, Then I recommend you stay with University of Phoenix . Here is a PRO and CON for you on Troy University.

    PRO: Accepts up 90 transfer credits. Five terms per year, Can take up to 5 classes per term if student is full-time. 3 classes per term if student is part-time. $150/credits; which is affordable.

    CON: Does all credits are applied from BSIT of UoP to be transfered for BSSC at TROY U? I don't think so...take a look at the website: http://fwrdl.troy.edu/

    I really enjoy Troy University, but some class Professor acts completely different.

    And you are right, University of Phoenix is expensive; and the public opinion somehow off and on.

    Before you want to transfer to Troy University; check with the admission office, and ask for advise....and evaluation.

    Good Luck with your decision.

    My TROY UNIVERSITY status: Currently I have 80 credit on official evaluation. And taking 9 credits. Also, I am trying to transfer some more from TESC. Hopefully by the end of this term I get 111 credits. GPA: 3.0, Major: Computer Science , Minor: Military Science.

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    Despite all of the negative comments that are made about UoP , their degrees do seem to have widespread acceptance among employers and graduate schools. After all, they are regionally-accredited, and that's really what counts. If you feel you are getting the education you are paying for, then I think I would tough it out for 9 more months and just get the degree. You would be lucky to have every single credit transfer, although I am sure there is a school somewhere that would accomodate you. However, you may not graduate as early as you would like.

    If you simply just cannot afford UoP anymore, I wouldn't just limit myself to Troy University, and I would get something IN WRITING from the school you plan to transfer to stating they will transfer all of your credits. Otherwise, you really are throwing good money after bad.

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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I have decided to just finish out at UoP . My employer is kicking in tuition reimbersement, although it's only 3k a year. However, they roll over the amount to the following years until they have paid me back all the tuition I paid. I can afford it, just second guessing myself I guess.

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