Hello, I am trying to find out if anyone here can share experiences and / or resources related to work experience assessment / evaluation that might count towards credits.

I just came across this (searching for something else about UNISA), from IACIDL:

WORK EXPERIENCE - Individuals who have acquired learning through non-formal education , such as work experience, self-study, volunteer activities and other life experience , can be assessed and subsequently awarded credit towards an educational module or course at Unisa.

Curious to see if anybody here has gone through that (or a similar) process at IACIDL or other services.

I do not have a completed Bachelors degree, and I am mostly interested in a flexible and affordable path towards MS/MBA - type programs. I'd like to maximize acquired knowledge via courses, training, (IACET CEUS) and work experience.

A Masters by Research (at UniSA for example) looks like a good option, from a flexibility & cost perspectives. Is anybody aware of other options that might accept a consolidated portfolio that includes work experience (formal or volunteer)?, if so, what is the typical % that they would be willing to consider?

Thanks in advance!