This is my first post I have been following this forum for a while now. I'm fixing to start collage for the first time the first of the year at CSU . I have to have 6 credit hours of science,and 6 of english and 3 finite or algabra . I been out of high school for twenty years now and haven forgoten more than I ever learned in high school . I was thinking of taking both englishs through SL since it been 20 years and writing papers is what Ill be doing alot of in collage . I though I would take math through ALEKS since its been so long and i have trouble helping my teenagers with algabra . I really loved science in school and was wandering if I should just take science at SL or just clep out of earth science and /or biology . Any advise is appriecanted i'm alittle nervous about going back to collage.