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    So thrilled! finally got my credits accepted. Advice for tests please?

    YEAH I finally found a school to take my credits: Liberty .!!! I'll have 54 to go. I know 50% (24 hours) of major must be taken through LU and 30 hours must be completed through LU. Or is clepping or taking Straighterline while enrolled in LU ok?
    So with core classes and 1 cognate (psychology ) to go I'd like to clep as many of the remaining 24 as possible. Question is, can I go through Straighterline once I'm accepted at Liberty ? I've had my college work transcripted but they need my high school diploma to make it official. So I'd really like to do the math through Straighterline if possible. Any ideas? I'm pretty green

    Heres what I have to have:

    *Natural Science Elective 3
    *History Elective 3
    *Social Science Elective 3
    *General Education Elective 3
    *Humanities Elective 3
    ENGL 101 Composition & Rhetoric 3 3
    ENGL 102 Composition & Literature 3 3
    *Communications Elective 3 3
    MATH *Math Elective 3 3
    PHIL 104 Contemporary Worldviews

    ** General Education courses must be chosen from the Approved General Education Course List/Distance Learning Program, available at Approved general education courses | Liberty University Online
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    I don't know if you have taken any CLEP's that cover these subjects, but I used this book:Cracking the Clep: 5th Edition for my natural science and history requirements for my degree. However, it does cover the five basic "gen ed" requirements that you seem to need. I don't know if CLEP's are something your are interested in, but this book really helped me to pass them.

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    Ask your Liberty counselor about your specific questions, but I’d also ask about this Credit for life experience by portfolio | Liberty University Online in your case.
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    I went to Straighterline's website, and it says Liberty University is one of their partner colleges. This link will show you what classes Liberty accepts from Straighterline: Transfer College Credit for Online College Courses to Liberty University - StraighterLine I would still call and talk to a Liberty counselor, as Bobby Jim suggested. The best of luck to you!
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