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    BA in Business! What to do?

    Hi I wanted to earn my BA in business by taking CLEP, DANTES, and ECE and I believe to earn one I need to complete 120 credit hours, can anyone tell me where to start and where to find all these exams to take, books to buy?

    Also I never went to college before...

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    Hi there,
    Typically a Bachelor's in Business would be a BS, commonly known as a BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ). That being said, this particular forum tends to focus more on graduate education ; for BSBA -specific information in regards to CLEP/DSST exams, I'd recommend visiting CLEP Forum - CLEP Study - CLEP Testing - Study Guide and Strategies. Those folks have alot of detailed information on how to test out of BSBA classes. Best of luck.
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