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Thread: Which score?

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    Which score?

    I just completed the US History I CLEP. Scored a 68, but my ACE score was 50. I'm planning on transferring to Texas Tech, and all the Tech website states is a "score" of 52. Now I'm worried that it is ACE score.

    Anyone have some insight?

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    I have some good news for you: you are misunderstanding your numbers. You only have one score for the exam, and that is a 68. Congratulations!

    50 is NOT your score. Rather, 50 is the score that ACE recommends for the exam to be worth college credit. Your school uses a different number than ACE, which is quite common, and in this case is a 52. Your score is a 68, meaning you have far exceeded what is necessary for your college to grant you credit for th exam. Again, congratulations!!!
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    Yep, a 68 is like a high "A" at just about any school that rates them (most schools however simply use pass/fail for clep)
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    Thanks for the clarification! It had me confused, and a bit worried.

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    If I remember correctly, a ’52 percentile’ score mean you must do better than 52% of the control group that took the test originally. That control group (usually) consists of students just completing the course in a traditional course setting. You did quite well.
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