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    Starting from scratch to get Law Degree, advice please!

    Ok I'm sure this has been asked but I can't find it. I'm 38, moderately successful in the music business, but I'm losing my passion for this industry full of wicked snakes and liars and the subjective nature of it. I always wanted to do law, have friends in law, etc. Decided to do it. Read lots of things saying I can get a bachelors in a year, which is what i want to do, then go to a law school here in Southern California. What I would like from you fine folks is advice on the best, fastest way to get my bachelors. Im not interested in "learning". I know enough stuff. Im looking for the necessary certificates that the law requires to get me to the bar, I'll learn what I need to know to be a great lawyer along the way and through my mentor.Obviously the big 3 (charter oak , tesc, excelsior) are the way to do it. Which one is easiest? I would LOVE a step by step. Would I take CLEP before I apply to anywhere? If so which ones, how many credits etc. Though I'm married to a doctor, I never went to college, and have discovered that there ought to be a degree offered in academic path navigation because this stuff is so complicated. Thank You all in advance, and please forgive if I've overlooked a similar thread.

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    FYI, you don't need to get a bachelor's degree if you're going to an unaccredited California law school (different for ABA-accredited, though). Five CLEPs, one of which is English composition, are sufficient to register as a law student, or at least they were the last time I checked.

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    Wait, you don't want to be in a subjective industry full of wicked snakes and liars, so you've decided to become... a lawyer?

    Okay, okay, but seriously, one nice thing about Charter Oak is that their admissions people will talk to you about what you need before you enroll with them. You should at least given them a call for this if for no other reason.
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