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    Medical Terminology

    Any suggestions on where to earn a certificate on Medical Terminology? I've looked at "ExpertRating" and "CorExcel".


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    Penn Foster has a Medical Terminology certificate. About the same price as CorExcel. You may also want to check your local community college's continuing education options. Just checked a local college here, and they offer a 2-month online course for $99. Might look better on your resume to have a local college's certificate.

    May I ask what you would need a medical terminology certificate for?

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    Respectfully, what would that be used for?
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    I teach medical terminology at a local community college. We offer it via distance learning or face to face on both the curriculum and continuing education divisions. This route would probably be your best and least expensive option. I'm not aware of any occupation wanting a certificate in medical terminology, so I would just focus on having it on your transcript.

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    How about straighterline? They have a medical term course.

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    Thumbs up Recommendation Corexcel

    I took Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology through Corexcel. I felt like they took great care to make sure I had everything I needed to complete each course. A lot of the other companies I looked at charged monthly subscription fees and several other hidden registration fees. Honestly, it made me a little nervous. I felt the people at Corexcel were up front with me and really had my best interests at heart.

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