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    Looking for a Ph.D Degree that encompass - Leadership, Philantrophy and Business

    Hello, I have been engaged in an offline and online research to the apt. Ph.D program that encompasses - Business, Philanthropy and Leadership, without any luck. Anyone know of a doctoral degree that encompass the 3 elements? I have an MBA and work a 9-5 job but I want to teach at a local college here in Nigeria. I strongly believe a change in orientation among the young minds is the best way to accelerate development in the country. I want to teach youths of all discipline the important act of personal/contributive responsibility - Leadership, the impact of giving on development - Philanthropy and how to grow SMEs - Business.

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    If you were to enroll in a school like UNISA that has research oriented dissertation-only doctoral degrees then you'd only need to create a research proposal that combines all three elements.
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    You could have a look at the Leadership/Management and Transformational Social Change PhDs at Saybrook University. I'd study there myself if I won the lottery. (It's expensive!)

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