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    Taft is Offering Their DBA Tuition Grant Again

    It's not posted on their website yet, but below is the email I received.

    Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Taft in any way except as a prospective student. This email is providing for informational purposes only.


    Taft University is now offering a DBA TUITION GRANT for the first 15 applicants who enroll between September 1st and November 1st 2017.
    20% Discount on Tuition. See below for details.

    A DBA could help advance your career!
    For a limited time you can now earn an accredited Doctor of Business Administration , for less than you may have imagined!
    *HOW IT WORKS: Grant Tuition Standard Tuition
    COMPLETE IN 27 MONTHS = $ 9,072 $11,340
    COMPLETE IN 36 MONTHS = $12,096 $15,120
    COMPLETE IN 48 MONTHS = $16,128 $20,160

    William Howard Taft University has announced, that for a limited time, students who can allocate the time to progress through its DBA Program at an accelerated pace have a unique opportunity to save a significant amount of tuition. Normal tuition in the University’s DBA program is only $420.00 per month, but a grant from The Taft University System, the parent organization of the University, will allow a number of students to complete the program at a discounted price of only $336 per month!**
    Requirements of students who wish to take advantage of the grant:
    Must begin studies on or before November 1, 2017.
    To maintain the grant students must complete the program in 48 months. *
    Grant recipients must have a Masters degree from an accredited institution.
    Only new applicants who have not previously enrolled in a Taft DBA program are eligible for the Grant.
    The DBA grant is available only to the first 15 qualified enrollments.
    The online Doctor of Business Administration program is a practical, directed independent study program which emphasizes course work in business leadership and management. It requires no classroom or seminar attendance. The Program is of particular interest to mid and senior level managers who desire high level education in the theoretical and practical aspects of operating a business.
    The DBA focuses on how business is conducted in the United States but is open to students from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East who wish to operate a business in the United States or conduct business with U.S. firms and would benefit from a better understanding of U.S. business operations . Though leadership skills are subject to cultural differences, the fundamentals apply all over the world for business managers who wish to emulate the successful U.S. business models.

    Additional Information:
    All programs are delivered 100% online with no residency requirements.
    All programs are supported by experienced and terminally credentialed faculty providing insights and feedback based on real-world operations .
    Complete the Program in as little as 27 months or take up to seven years. **
    Students may be eligible to defer existing Federal Student Loans.
    For more information call:

    877-894-TAFT (8238)
    If responding by email please contact an admissions representative at: admissions@taft.edu
    *The grant is offered by the Taft University System and will expire on November 1st, 2017. Tuition grant recipients are charged $336.00 in tuition per month. Students completing the program within the minimum allowable time period (27 months) can earn the degree for as little as $9,072.00 in tuition. Average time to complete the program is 35 months. To remain qualified for the grant tuition rate, students must successfully complete at least 15 semester units every 12 months. The maximum allowable time to complete the program is seven years, however, students in the program after 48 months will be charged the standard tuition of $420 per month. Students are responsible for the cost of required textbooks which may be obtained through a variety of sources.
    **Under the Taft University System grant program, students are charged $336.00 per month for the first 48 months of the program. Average time to complete the program is 35 months. The cost of books/materials, which can be purchased from any source, are not included in tuition. Students who fail to meet the special course completion expectations of the grant, may continue in the DBA Program but will be required to pay the regular tuition ($420.00 per month) for the balance of the program. The grant cannot be combined with other grant offers including PIPE grant.

    Eileen Padden
    Admissions Representative

    William Howard Taft University
    3333 S. Wadsworth Blvd. #D228
    Lakewood, CO 80227

    Office Hours: 8:00-5:00 MST
    Toll Free: 877.894.8238
    Phone: 303.867.1155
    Fax: 303.867.1156

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    Labor Day sale?
    American College of Sports Medicine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizmet View Post
    Labor Day sale?
    I must admit that with statements like "...will allow a number of students to complete the program at a discounted price of only $336 per month!" it certainly reads that way.

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