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    Finishing my degree after many years


    After many years, I would like to finish my degree. I am thinking I would would go to TESC, but certainly open to other thoughts. Back in the day, I attended a State University and hoping to transfer the following

    Composition (Eng 101)
    Intro to Western Civilization (HST 101)
    Basic Concepts Math
    Introductory Sociology
    Introductory Spanish
    Composition and LIT (Eng 102)
    Basic Concepts Math II
    Introductory Psychology
    History of Western Art
    Introductory Spanish II
    Biological Science
    US History
    The US and World Problems
    Fundamentals of Accounting I
    Biological Science II
    Finite Mathematics
    American National Government
    Intro to Data Processing
    Public Communication
    Fundamentals Of Accounting II
    Probability and Statistics
    Principles of Management
    Social Psychology

    Can someone help me with a degree plan? I am not sure how these might fulfill the TESC requirements since the categories seem so different. Any thoughts or guidance would be very appreciated. I would like to get the BS in Finance or Accounting .

    Thanks, AH

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    I would recommend COSC or TESU for a business degree now that Excelsior has a six-credit capstone. If you join a partner organization, it will reduce the costs at Excelsior. I don't remember all of COSC 's business specializations, but TESU has BSBA programs in finance and accounting . Accounting will be more flexible and cheaper. I will have to give you a plan later. If you go to Degreeforum.net, though, dfrecore can put together a plan for you rather quickly. That's the best forum to go to for the Big Three and competency-based programs.
    Texas State University - PhD CJ (ABD)
    Angelo State University - Master of Security Studies and Grad Cert Terrorism
    Thomas Edison State College/University - BA Soc Sci, AAS in Environmental Safety, ASNSM in Biology, & BSBA in CIS

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    I have to throw in a plug for another New England institution; Granite State College.
    Bruce Tait
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    B.A. (Criminal Justice) Curry College
    M.A. (Criminal Justice) University of Massachusetts-Lowell
    M.A. (Forensic & Counseling Psychology) Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
    Certificate (Investigative Psychology) CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Certificate (Disability Awareness and Support in Higher Education) University of Pittsburgh
    Certificate (International Criminal Law) Case Western Reserve University
    Certificate (Psychology of Criminal Justice) University of Queensland
    Certificate (Classical Sociological Theory) University of Amsterdam

    RA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/16/08

    NA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/20/08

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    I copied dfrecore's plan into my Beginners Guide (Sticky) - see link below
    Beginners Guide To Getting Cheap/Fast College Credit

    Furthermore, you can review the info on the degreeforum.wikia.com webpage, my guide is also there (shorter version).
    The Basic Approach - Degree Forum Wiki - Wikia

    It's an awesome resource and you get to review two spreadsheets dfrecore has created, BSBA General Management and CIS
    Another resource is Sanantone's General Education Options and also BSBA degree plans on degreeforum.wikia.com
    Goal: TESU ASNSM Bio, BSBA Gen Man

    DegreeInfo & DegreeForum's Community-Supported Wiki
    The Basic Approach - Online Education Guide

    Sources of Credit - Davar, Saylor.org, Straighterline.com, Study.com and Alternatives
    FREE Sources of Credit (used for free electives)

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    Excelsior has a six-credit capstone
    Didn't know they required a six-credit capstone now. That's a bit much, I think. Excelsior courses are crazy-expensive these days. Excelsior keeps getting worse and worse, in my opinion. I graduated from Excelsior, but I would recommend COSC or TESU over it these days.

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    Thanks for the comments and help. Do you see anything in my list that you think would fulfill the Quantitative Literacy, Information Literacy, Diversity and Ethics requirements?

    Is there a guide to common equivalents somewhere that I am missing?

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