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    South University

    So, I'm looking at the MPA program with South University. Does anyone know about it or have any experience with them?

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    I too would like to hear from anyone who has taken class from them . They have a DMin that looks interesting.
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    I don't have any direct experience with South, but South is part of EDMC which, at the end of 2015, settled with the Department of Justice for $95.5 million and set aside another $100 million to forgive student loans.

    You can read more about that story here:
    EDMC agrees to $95.5M settlement, will improve recruiting process | TribLIVE

    There are a lot of high quality online MPA programs so I would advise checking the list below to find schools that better reputations and name recognition:

    Online MPA Degrees & Courses - NASPAA *The Global Standard in Public Service Education*

    I would also suggest the same for D.Min. programs as well (which, in my opinion, is an incredibly misplaced program at a school like South.. makes me question the motivation behind offering the program beyond just "profit")

    Liberty , Regent , George Fox, and many others offer these programs online. I'm sure some of our resident experts could elaborate further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamTheAlaskan View Post
    So, I'm looking at the MPA program with South University. Does anyone know about it or have any experience with them?
    I looked into South when I was researching MBA 's. After many phone call, I just gave up. The communication and information was very poor.

    2 years later, (2015) I looked into South again, but this time for the DBA program. The communication and program information was worse. I just gave up. Multiple people called me telling me different prices and residency requirements. I questioned the person and she said . . . "Well, the DBA is new, I can email the dept head about it to have your questions answered." Never heard back.


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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to do some more investigating then.

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    The bulk of EDMC's woes came from their other school, the Art Institutes, in particular those campuses which were not regionally accredited. Like Corinthian, their non-RA associate's degrees are incredibly expensive and have an incredibly low return. The RA associate's degrees, at a minimum, have a better shot at transferring to traditional schools which tends to make people less grumpy.

    Still, culinary school, to me, is a weird thing to overpay for. But considering AI (likely purchased) positive mentions on shows like Top Chef over the past decade it isn't surprising to me that people go there.

    I find it odd that South University has a D.Min, program. Then again, no one has an issue with GCU having divinity programs despite them being for-profit. Nor do I see any inherent conflict between a for-profit school offering theological studies.

    I've only met one person who graduated from South (MBA ). He liked it. But he also didn't have experience with any other online programs. I hear the Chevy Aveo was a good car to drive if you had never driven any other car. That doesn't make it "good."

    In my opinion, there are times and situations when a for-profit degree may be a good choice. If an employer is paying then that's favorable. If the particular school is reasonably devoid of controversy that's also a good thing. And if it will ultimately help you to meet your career and personal goals.

    For-profit (and some non-profit) programs tend to be very expensive. Considering the MBA program at UMass Dartmouth is roughly half the price, AACSB accredited and from a school that employers will recognize more readily than South, why would South win your attention? If AACSB and name recognition aren't important to you, then why not consider Chadron State?

    I don't think South would taint a resume in the way that a degree from UPhoenix might. Even people who dislike for-profit schools, generally, haven't commited them all to memory. But you'd be spending a fair amount of cash on a degree that, at best, WON'T be recognizable when there are cheaper and more prestigious options out there.

    If money is no object and you just love their website or come from a long line of South alumni and want to follow in the family footsteps then I think South is "fine." If "fine" is good enough for you then keep on keepin on. Go in with eyes wide open. Just don't get suckered in by slick marketing .
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