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    Another Patten University MBA Thread

    I thought I would start a new thread, as my studies began here this Monday. So far, everything has been exactly what I expected. I locked in the $350 per month price for 1 year, so the goal is to be complete by then.
    I would not be here right now without the help of this forum, as the info on here has been awesome (for completing my BA and starting my MBA ). Hopefully, I can add my input about this program sporadically to possible help the next person who may be considering a similar path.
    B.A. Social Science, Thomas Edison State College
    M.B.A. Strategic Management, Patten University (in progress)

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    Good luck! I look forward to your reviews.
    BS, Info Sys concentration, Charter Oak State College
    MA in Educational Tech, George Washington University
    PhD in Leadership, U. of the Cumberlands (in progress)
    More at http://stevefoerster.com

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