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    Post bacc in accounting

    Hi guys,

    I earned a bachelors degree in business administration (BBA ) back in 2013, from Florida atlantic university. I majored in general business. Now I have developed an interest for accounting .

    In order for me to earn a degree in accounting I'd only have to take 6 additional classes, but many universities that I spoke with do not grant second business degrees. The best they can do, is offer me a post baccalaureate certificate in accounting .
    I'm interested in the accounting certificate at TESC.

    I have a few questions for you guys.
    1. How do you believe employers would view a person with a bachelors in accounting vs a person with a bachelors in business administration (with a post baccalaurate certificate in accounting , granted the post bacc certificate offers all the classes that an accounting major would take)?

    2. I have not had any luck finding a school that allows someone with a business degree to earn a second business degree in accounting . Do you know of any school that allows this?

    I know that this post was long. Thank you in advance.

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    Here's one program ...

    With your current B.B.A. from FAI (AACSB), you’re eligible for the second baccalaureate (B.S.) in accounting (online) via Auburn University (30-hour program):
    Accountancy - Online Option for Second Degree Candidates < Auburn University

    Note: Have you considered a graduate degree in accountancy vs. a second undergraduate degree?
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    If you earn the certificate through a prestigious school, like Northwestern, I would think employers would view it very favorably.

    Online Advanced Accounting Certificate Program | Northwestern SPS

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    If you get your CPA , I sincerely doubt they will care even one little bit.

    UC-Berkeley also has a very fine and very affordable accounting certificate program. A little over $300 per credit hour. Certificate Program in Accounting | UC Berkeley Extension UCLA Extension has the same sort of thing, though as I recall more expensive (don't quote me on that).

    I'm an accounting dept faculty member at an AACSB university, every year there's a big award for the top test-takers on the CPA , Elijah Watt Sells Award, less than 1 out of 1,000 typically get it, extremely prestigious, accounting firms give bonuses in the tens of thousands for getting it. Not unheard of to see people from UC Berkeley or UCLA Extension on the list of winners, and I assume some of those people did their accounting certificates online.

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    You might want to look at University of West Florida's Accounting and Finance | University of West Florida accounting offerings. AACSB accredited , and low in-state tuition even for out of state people. Their accounting certificate may even be cheaper than TESC. Also, you might want to consider their masters program. Most CPAs I know in Florida go ahead and do that option because of the 150 hour rule, and to be a little more competitive in the job market.
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