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    16-year-old child prodigy on preparing to get her PhD this year

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    Since she had done everything via distance learning, I assume you attended Harvard University - HES for her Master degree.
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    She says HES and Harvard con ed in her interviews.
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    1) Good for her.

    2) Good for graduates of AMU. With so much hate directed at for-profit schools today it is good that someone has publicly illustrated how a graduate of such a school is prepared, both academically and with the appropriate credentials, to continue their education at an elite school like Harvard.

    3) She still has a lot of growing up to do beyond the academic world. I think of where I was, maturity-wise, at 16, 18, 21, 30 and now and I can see some pretty significant leaps in those early ranges. She may be academically qualified to teach, for example, but I can't imagine 16 year old me putting up with the politics of a community college the way I do now. So hopefully her next few years are equally as productive in her other areas of development.

    4) I think that for too many years schools have been used as a warehouse for kids in a misguided attempt to create little Skinner (as in B.F. not Seymour) Camps where we separate youth from parents and mold them "properly." In reality, I think U.S. schooling beyond 8th grade is pretty fundamentally flawed in the areas of academic preparation, vocational preparation, developing social skills and emotional maturity and helping our society to advance.

    So I'm pretty happy when I see people finding innovative ways to thrive without going the traditional route.
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