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    Question MBA Thomas Edison State College

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently in the process of finishing my bachelors in health care administration at charter oak . Nothing but great experiences. I am graduating this august (crosses fingers). I am looking into continuing my education and pursuing an MBA in health care management at TESC. Before any suggestions, let me state that the only reason i chose TESC is because they offer 8 week classes. Does anyone have any experiences at TESC in the MBA program? Is it difficult to get into? How are the classes? What is the level of difficulty? Any reviews will be extremely helpful.

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    I like TESC. I respect TESC. But I guess I just don't see their graduate programs as being particularly useful.

    Their undergraduate programs are great. Aside from offering majors that are not very well represented in online learning you have the opportunity to basically bring in credits from any number of schools and a very liberal transfer policy. I get that.

    Their graduate programs only allow 6 credits to be transferred in (unless I'm misreading their handbook). At $617 per credit (and 39 credits for the MBA ) you're looking at approximately $24,063 before transfer credits. Excelsior has a slightly more liberal transfer policy for its MBA program (but they count any waiver for foundation courses toward the transfer total which puts you back into a similar position). I would calculate the total costs there but, as of the writing of this post, their tuition calculator is down (and I don't see the graduate tuition rate posted in plain view).

    That said, I think Excelsior potentially offers more utility in its MALS (15 credit transfer) or its MPA (potentially able to transfer in all of the applicable credits).

    Back to my original point, $25k for an unranked MBA is, in my opinion, a bit overpriced. You can spend less than half of that earning an MBA at Chadron State College, for example. If you're OK with a degree from a for-profit* then AMU/APU has an MBA that comes in just under $13k.

    That isn't to say that there is anything wrong with TESC. It's just that for graduate programs the value proposition isn't as strong as for their undergraduate programs. It's just that, for the same price, you can get an MBA from Ball State and it would be AACSB accredited as well (if that matters to you). West Texas A&M and Eastern New Mexico also offer online MBAs but at a fraction of the cost for the same degree by TESC.

    If you want to get an MBA from TESC, I think you'll do fine. I'm sure it's a great program. But I can't imagine the additional cost being justified by the program itself.

    * Even if you're anti-for-profit schools, AMU/APU has a pretty solid reputation and a rather loyal alumni base. Plus their MBA has available all of the specializations as TESC plus a few others.
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